Poll Of The Week: Fear Itself VS. FlashPoint

Published on July 6th, 2011

Holy gee whiz!  Have you fine people been reading the big Marvel and DC events going on right now?  Those things are epic with a capitol, “Holy crap!”

In case you’re unaware, Marvel’s big summer event is called Fear Itself, in which a mysterious Asgardian who has been imprisoned for centuries breaks free and uses fear as a weapon against the heroes of the Marvel Universe.  FlashPoint, DC’s big event, shows Barry Allen (The Flash) waking up in an alternate universe where not only are things drastically different.  The Amazonians have taken over Great Britain, they’re at war with that Atlanteans who have flooded western Europe and the heroes of the world are completely different.  On top of all that, Barry’s completely powerless!


Now, both events are only a couple issues in, but we at Comic Impact want to know which event you’re more excited about in this week’s Poll Of The Week!

Ian Candish