Who are the X-Men?

Published on June 2nd, 2011


Are we all excited for X-Men: First Class??? Join me, Susan, as I explore Hollywood, looking for people who are. This was a surprisingly difficult feat as I found that most people, A.) Did not know it is coming out this Friday, June 3rd, or B.) Did not know that they even made another X-Men movie. That made me sad on the inside. Matthew Vaughn directing a film starring James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender was all I needed to hear, but other people needed a bit more convincing. I’m curious to see the box office results for this weekend. Despite all that, I was able to find a couple people who could name members of the original team. Can you? We’ll see.

Thank you so much to all who were willing to talk to me. I’d like to give special thanks to Things From Another World for letting me borrow an employee and see if he was worthy!

Susan Damon