Review: X-Men Legacy #250

Published on June 14th, 2011

The first comic book I ever got was X-Men Vol. 2 #1, it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost twenty years since that comic first came out. Now, I feel old and depressed. Anyway, this book just came out with its 250th issue under the title of X-Men Legacy. Writer, Mike Carey has been on the book since issue 188 and I’ve been a big fan of his run the entire time.

x_men_legacy_250Since this is a big anniversary issue, it’s got three different stories in it. The first two are original stories with art by Khoi Pham for the first and Steve Kurth for the second. The last part is a reprint of New Mutants #27, which tells the story of Professor Xavier’s first encounter with Legion.

In the first story, it is discovered that six of Legion’s personalities were able to manifest bodies and escape when Legion re-absorbed the Moira personality at the end of Age of X. Professor X decides to put a team together to go after these personalities so that Legion can absorb them again. The team consists of Legion, Gambit, Rogue, Magneto, and Frenzy. Before the team can leave to go after their first target, Time-Sink, Rogue runs back to Utopia to take care of something. Later, Professor X and his team track down Time-Sink and go after him. Time-Sink has powers that control time and he uses them to put the X-Men’s powers against each other.

The second story is pretty short and it shows Rogue during her time-out from the first story. It’s really weird because it is told backwards. It starts with Marvel Girl (who showed up during Age of X in an attempt to call for help) talking with Rogue right before her astral form disappears. The story then works backwards to how she was able to come to Utopia from an unknown planet where she, Havok, and Polaris were stranded. Rogue goes to Cyclops with all the information she was able to discover and then tells Cyclops that they need to find the missing X-Men before the planet they are on falls into a nearby star.

Ultimately, I like the new direction that Carey is taking this book. For a long time this series has just been focusing on one character, first Professor X, then Rogue. This is the first time where there is an actual team of X-Men with a set mission in a long time. I like this team a lot too. Magneto is always great and I’ve been a big fan of Rogue, Gambit, and Professor X since I started reading comics. I’ve never really liked Legion, but I think the device he has that gives him the ability to channel the powers of his personalities and control them is pretty cool. I don’t know a lot about Frenzy, but I think she fits in well with this team. She’s just there for a chance at redemption, just like all the other characters in this team.

My only complaint is the art. It’s not necessarily bad, but it felt very rushed to me. I usually like Pham’s art and some of it in this book is pretty good, but a few of the panels look kind of goofy. Besides that, I really enjoyed reading this book. I’m really looking forward to Marvel Girl and the other characters coming back, as long as they can be rescued in time.

Ken Zeider