Review: Uncanny X-Force #11

Published on June 6th, 2011

You missed me, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?! That’s right, you missed me and my reviews! Hey… Hey… Hey… Don’t blame me. I was in the hospital. But it’s okay. I’m back now, and we can get on with the wonderful business and pleasure that is comic book reviews! So let’s get to it, shall we?

uxforce011Last we saw X-Force, they had just teamed up with Dark Beast to head off to the Age of Apocalypse to retrieve an item called the Life Seed. They need it because DB (no, not Dumpster Baby) says it’s the only way to prevent Angel/Archangel from ascending to become the heir of Apocalypse back in the X-Force’s homeworld. Remember from previous issues of Uncanny X-Force that Angel is finding it harder and harder to control the part of his psyche that is Archangel, and the recent run-in with the Shadow King didn’t help matters much.

Issue #11 is chock full of new character additions. Some include former friends, and others are enemies. But, we have to remember this isn’t Kansas, and these aren’t the friends or enemies they are familiar with. That thought is fleshed out so well by Wolverine’s narration throughout the issue. Writer Rick Remender continues to impress me with the way he individualizes each issue. What I mean is that each issue seems to mainly give one team member’s POV of current events, but it never isolates that character from the team, but keeps the feeling of a team book. So many important introductions, revelations, and a double-cross occur in this issue that I don’t want to say too much.

I know that all of us reading Uncanny X-Force love and cannot wait for the return of artist Jerome Opeña. Personally, I think that this issue’s penciller, Mark Brooks, has become my favorite. It does have to be said that every artist that has worked on this title since issue #1 has been top-notch. I don’t really read team books too often, but this has to be the exception. It’s all-around incredible. The linking factors and plots that cross over story arcs is what keeps me reading because no character or storyline is ever fully dropped. Here’s hoping this book continues to be one of the best team books out there!

Sam Taylor