Review: Reed Gunther #1

Published on June 6th, 2011

For some time now, I was hoping the comic book industry would do more all ages books. In the past few months we have seen Image Comics Super Dinosaur from super star Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard from. Super Dinosaur number one  was the pick of the week here at ComicImpact. I know that both Ken and myself are loving that book.

reedgunther1Now,thanks to Image Comics, we get one more all ages comics! From the team  of writer Shane Houghton and cartoonist Chris Hougton we get, Reed Gunther. I recall seeing this in previews and I told myself,”Oh my god! I have to read this book! There is a cowboy and bear in the same book.This week, Reed Gunther number one came out, so find out if it was all that and bag of chips.

As a kid, I was always a big fan of the Han Solo and Princess Leia relationship. I used to love when Han was talking and Chewbacca would come into the picture and do something funny. This first issue of Reed Gunther was just that as we meet Reed Gunther, a cowboy, who I am pretty sure was based on the Han Solo character, and his bear,Sterling.

In the first issue,Reed and Sterling team up to help a female rancher protect her herd from a giant snake. That is where the shenanigans take place as they try to stop the giant snake.

This is also where we can see that Han Solo and Princess Leia relationship with Reed and the female rancher, who are making fun of each other and at the same time flirting . There some great jokes for both kids and adults that come out their conversation.

I love the art style which is more cartoony then Super Dinosaur yet Hougton is amazing at doing great facial expressions.

Reed Gunther is a perfect  way to introduce kids to the world of comics. It has some great writing  and great artwork. The team of Shane and Chris Hougton hopefully help bring back all age comics to the mainstream.

The first four issue of Reed Gunther are a newly colored re-publishing of a previously self-published black and white comic. After that we get all news adventures.

Reed Gunther is a must have on your pull list if you enjoy fun.

Simon Daoudi