Review: Godland Volume 2: Another Sunny Delight

Published on June 7th, 2011

Did you guys check out that new Kirby: Genesis #0 book that came out a couple weeks ago? Doesn’t really look too much like Jack Kirby to me, but you know what does? Image Comics’ Godland from Joe Casey and Tom Scioli. If any book was created as a tribute to the work of Jack Kirby, it’s this book. Back in November of last year, I did a Trade Tuesday that featured the first volume of this series and, while going through my books, I came across the second volume and thought it would be a fun book to go over for this week’s Trade Tuesday.

godlandvolume2Adam Archer was an astronaut who was part of the crew for the first NASA mission to Mars. Adam was the only surviving crew member and eventually returned to Earth with cosmic powers that were granted to him by the Cosmic Fetus Collective. When he returned to Earth he became a superhero and now works along with his sisters, who act as his support crew to protect the Earth. He also works with a mysterious space creature known as Maxim who has similar cosmic powers to protect the Earth.

This second volume has a lot of stuff going on, so much that it actually gets a little difficult to keep track of. The remaining body of the villainous Discordia, whose head exploded at the end of the first volume, is stolen by the rival villain, Nickelhead, in part of a revenge scheme against Discordia’s father, Tormentor. Nickelhead’s plan involves taking Discordia’s headless body, attaching the head of the drug-addicted Basil and sending him to Tormentor’s base.

Meanwhile, Adam Archer has gotten himself into legal trouble when he saves New York City from an alien attack. The only way for Archer to destroy the cosmic aliens is for him to bathe the entire city in cosmic energy. Even though every person is exposed to this energy without being harmed, everyone is enraged by this action and several class-action lawsuits are created against the superhero. If this wasn’t enough, Adam also has to deal with the arrival of a giant floating pyramid filled with a cosmic cult bent on sacrificing all of Manhattan in an attempt to bring forth their God. Maxim also shares the true origin of the Universe with Adam, which further isolates him from humanity. Oh, and his sister, Neela, has abandoned him to go on an experimental space mission that leaves her lost in the cosmos. That’s a lot for one six-issue trade.

This is science fiction at it’s strangest. I can’t think of another comic book that gets anywhere near the level of weird that this book does. Basil Cronus is still my favorite character. I love how this bad guy’s ultimate motivation is getting high, even though he’s nothing more than a head in a cooler. The best page in this book is when Basil is delivered to Tormentor’s home by FedEx and when he gets out of the box and we see that he is now on Discordia’s body. He bursts out of the box and cries for a Fix and a Midol. I think that one panel expresses the humor of this book perfectly.

This book is a great throwback to the old science fiction and superhero comics of the 1960’s. If you like that stuff with a mix of modern humor, I think you’ll get a kick out of this book. At the very least, the art in this comic is very nice to look at. So, why not head on over to your local shop or Amazon and pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did.

Ken Zeider