Review: Birds of Prey #13

Published on June 14th, 2011

It upsets me greatly that Gail Simone won’t be writing my favorite girls after the DC reboot. Birds of Prey is easily my favorite book on the shelves right now, and I just know it won’t be the same without the talent of Ms. Simone. Luckily, she is going to be saving the Batgirl reboot, because I’m fairly certain without her it would be the worst of all the new number ones. I’ve gotten off topic.

birds-of-prey-13-coverBirds of Prey #13 kept me on the edge of my seat. I love my horror, and Junior is an amazing horror villain. She hates to be seen and has these scissor-like hands, which she uses to disfigure her victims before the kill. It’s kind of like if dumbed down Scarecrow mated with Edward Scissorhands gone bad. Not someone that’d be fun to go up against, I guarantee that much. Junior was not even stopped by the Canary Cry, which shocked and disturbed Dinah.

I loved this issue. Question showed up last month and Renee Montoya is always fun to watch when she’s going head to head with Huntress. However, this issue was all about the entire team working together. I am going to miss it so much! Black Canary and Dove are an epic fighting team, taking on Junior together even while Dove is seriously hurt. Lady Blackhawk got the information she needed for Oracle. Huntress? Oh, Huntress. I used to love to hate her, and then the hate has slowly faded away. The direction that Huntress is moving as a character is stellar. She’s gone from being somewhat of a rogue/loose cannon on the team to a real leader, who utilizes the strengths of her other members in order to make everyone into the best they can be. Even Hawk, who can really annoy me, played a vital role in this book. I just really like to see everyone working together for what is probably one of the last times. So upsetting.

I loved watching Oracle rally her troops at the conclusion of this two part story. It implied that Junior will be back, and I hope that she is. I would hate for a villain like that to go to waste. Who knows? Since Simone is involved in the DC reboot, she could plan on incorporating this sadistic bad girl in some way. I really hope she does. Either way, I am impressed with the growth in Huntress and the evolution of Black Canary. To abandon everything that has been created in this series would be a tragedy. Gail Simone rocks these girls and writes them in a way that is real, relatable, and kick-ass. Congrats to her and her team on another amazing issue of Birds of Prey before it changes forever.

Susan Damon