Review: Batman Beyond #6

Published on June 7th, 2011

I’m going to start with a confession. I was never a huge fan of the Batman Beyond cartoon. It just didn’t quench my thirst for Batman the way other cartoons had done in the past. I mean, I still enjoyed it and watched every single episode. However, it was not my favorite. I always felt that it was one of those things that I should like in theory, but didn’t in practice. Then, I heard there was going to be a new series of comics with the Terry McGinnis character and decided to give it another shot. Boy, do I love new creative teams on past projects! Everyone on this new series seems to get the point, and, at least in my opinion, fill in those blanks that I was missing while I watched the cartoon. I am all on board with this series as long as Adam Beechen is writing it.


The very first compliment I will give to Batman Beyond #6 is that the characters are just exactly who they need to be. The relationship between Terry and Bruce is solid. I like that Terry has the naiveté he needs, yet he still maintains all the strength that allowed him to become Batman in the first place. Bruce is still able to manipulate Terry, but not to the point where Terry is a doormat. Bruce is still Bruce and enjoys the constant testing of Terry’s character. In this issue, Bruce even tests his plan to make sure it’s shocking enough for the general public. I just think Beechen nailed how Bruce and Terry interact, especially in this particular issue.

The plot is interesting, because things are thrown in, but are obviously not meant to be developed until later. I really want to know what’s going on with Dana (Terry’s now ex-girlfriend). There’s also a plotline with an assassination that is touched on, but I think is supposed to be concluded another time. I wish I knew more about those stories. I like mystery and Beechen knows how to keep me wanting more. He also writes a damn good villain back story! I loved those pages not only for the writing, but Ryan Benjamin’s art is just stellar. I was just mesmerized by every panel. I love me a good villain!

Batman Beyond is a book that surprises me every time I read it. I keep expecting it to let me down the way the cartoon did. I keep thinking they’ll get something wrong. Luckily for me and everyone else who reads this book, I’m the one who is wrong. Beechen, Benjamin, and the rest of the team got it right.

Susan Damon