Published on May 9th, 2011

That’s right Comic Impact followers, we have just reached our 200th Podcast! Can you believe it?!  And what better subject for this momentous occasion than Marvel’s latest live-action cinematic masterpiece, Thor. If you haven’t seen Thor yet, get to it. Come on, it was the number one movie in America this weekend! It had Natalie Portman! So, grab yourself a nice cool beverage and listen as Simon, Ian, and Ken share with you their thoughts and opinions on this movie.

We also want to take a quick moment here and thank each and every one of you listeners for your continued support. You guys are the reason we do this… well, that and we like the sound of our own voices. Are we conceded? You bet we are! Seriously though, if you didn’t listen, we wouldn’t do it. So, thanks a bunch everyone. Enjoy!

Running Time: 00:36:30
Music: Foo Fighters – Walk

Ken Zeider


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