Review: X-Men Giant-Size #1

Published on May 23rd, 2011

I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, waitaminute, pal!  Giant-Size X-Men #1 came out in 1975!  You can’t pull the wool over MY eyes!”  But, fear not, oh comicbook reader!  This is a totally new book!  You can tell because the title is X-Men Giant-Size #1!  See, the Giant-Size is at the END!  It’s totally different.

X-Men Giant Size #1 is written by Christopher Yost with art by Paco Medina and Dalabor Talajic.  This special issue is the first part of the new story-arc titled, “First To Last.”

This issue is a pretty quick read overall.  It starts off eons ago with a group of primitive, ape-people who have just given birth to the first homo sapiens.  Effectively, these two humans are to the proto-men what mutants are to homo sapiens.  One of the angrier proto-men is about to kill the mutant children when he’s stopped by a bright flash of light.


Cut to modern day.  Utopia is under siege by a group of The Neo, a stronger, more powerful offshoot of mutants who have spent their time in hiding.  Suddenly, Cyclops has a vision of his past with the original X-Men.  In it, they are fighting with Magneto and The Brotherhood.  After a Sentinel attacks, Xavier calls the young X-Men back to the mansion.  Once there, the group is contacted by a strange group of people(?) called the Evolutionaries who claim, “Homo superior.  You are in danger…We are here to ensure your survival.”  Cyclops then snaps back to reality, only to find the Evolutionaries appearing and saying, “Cyclops.  You lied.”

Going into this new story-arc, I really didn’t know what to think.  I had heard that it might involve the original X-Men time traveling to the present day and encountering their future (modern) selves.  What I discovered was far more interesting.

Yost has created a really interesting story for the X-Men.  Ultimately, it turns out that the Evolutionaries destroyed the proto-men that were going to kill the first homo sapien babies.  The Evolutionaries claim that their purpose is to protect fledgling new species that are an evolutionary step forward until said species can ensure their own survival.  This, as it turns out, was the ultimate fate of the fabled “missing link,” they were destroyed by the Evolutionaries in order for homo sapiens to live.  Not only has Yost crafted that interesting little nugget, but the events that transpired with the original X-Men were wiped from their memories.  Now, Cyclops is the only one that remembers what happened, so the reader gets to see two stories unfold in two separate time periods in the same book.  Nice job, Yost!

The art is really fantastic in this issue.  The modern day stuff is done by Medina, who has proven himself time and time again to be an unparallelled X-Men artist.  The stuff by Talajic that takes place in the past is really good as well.  It has a kind of retro feel to it that suits the story very well.  His style is also a bit reminiscent of Gabriel Hardman’s work.

Hey, come on!  Take the freaking hint!  Go get your hands on X-Men Giant Size #1 so that you can see how this great story is going to unfold.  I mean, the rapture didn’t happen, so now you’ve got all this free time on your hands, right?  Fill it up with some great X-Men reading!

Ian Candish