Review: Venom #2

Published on May 3rd, 2011

Fantastic! There, my review of Venom#2 is done. Oh, wait. Ian’s telling me that doesn’t count as a legitimate review. Fiiiiiiiiiiiine… Give a guy a break! I read this a week ago and then got into a fight with a shark! A lot’s happened since then! Geez! Speaking of fighting, a lot of that happened in the lastest copy of Venom. So let’s get to it!


“Flash” Thompson is still working for good ol’ Uncle Sam. Thompson’s doing covert ops using the Symbiote, and busting skulls pretty well. Issue #2 follows Venom/Flash on a jungle mission to take down Kraven the Hunter. By the way, that dude be ca-raaaaaaazy! He’s using stabby instruments, riding dinosaurs, and drinking spider venom. During the issue-long confrontation, Flash realizes that he’s been joined to the symbiote for almost 48 hours which is a big no-no. If Flash wears the alien entity for too long the symbiote could completely take over. So not only does Thompson have to fight off Kraven and his insanity, but he also has to fight against time. Oh, and the government has also installed a self-destruct fail-safe to Flash in case the symbiote does indeed gain control.

Good times! During a stand-off inside an enormous cave filled with gigantic bats, the symbiote becomes separated because of the bats’ sonic screams. Good news for Flash because he’s now free from any immediate danger the symbiote might pose, but now he’s defenseless! Soon after, the bats carry both Kraven and Thompson away, most likely to consume them for sustenance, but Flash gets away. That’s a plus. The downside is that he’s basically naked in the middle of the jungle, and he ain’t got no legs either. Oh, wait! What’s that? The symbiote some how finds Flash and bonds to him yet again.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, Peter Parker is still comforting Betty Brant (Flash’s girlfriend) because Betty is worried that something bad is going on with Flash. And elsewhere, a sinister looking figure is still out to get Venom for what happened back in issue #1; lo and behold, Jack O’ Lantern is not dead after all. Plans and events are coming together, and none of it looks good for Mr. Flash Thompson or the symbiote. Somebody’s heart’s gonna get broken.

I’ll admit, issue #1 didn’t really draw me in very much. But I usually give anything two chances in case the first time around was a fluke, or just a build-up to something. My thinking now is that it was simply a build-up. Writer Rick Remender has definitely developed some very dangerous problems for the protagonist in Flash Thompson. The symbiotic relationship (no pun intended) that Flash feels with the symbiote is coming a lot faster than I thought it would, but I guess that makes sense since the suit almost feels like a drug to the wearer. Not only is Thompson’s body in danger, but his mind and his relationship with Betty are as well. A small interesting note is the minimized use of actual dialogue in this issue, but it fits the story so perfectly. Forgetting artist Tony Moore’s work would be a crime. Last issue featured a lot of explosions and gunfire. However, in this issue, the audience is given a much more primal/visceral view of what’s going on inside Flash as he’s also handling external business.

If you haven’t been reading Venom, then you’re simply just an enemy of fun.

Sam Taylor