Review: The Mighty Thor #1

Published on May 3rd, 2011

Gods who cannot truly die but are made to simply be reborn and relearn lessons time and time again. This is the immediate theme that writer Matt Fraction and artist Olivier Coipel are giving us with the re start of The Mighty Thor #1 but don’t look for this to be retelling of an origin or even to be a direct continuation of the story that Fraction was writing on Thor. So was Fraction worthy to lift the mighty pen and write more of the Thor mythology or is he just a trickster making us buy yet another book  just in time for the new movie? Read on to find out.

Matt Fraction has explored interesting ideas with his run on Thor. He has fleshed out the idea of the World Tree and shown us the 9 realms and how each is effected directly by the other. He has also brought Odin back to life and put a spotlight on Broxton, Oklahoma as the new home of the fallen Gods of Asgard. Already in this first issue you can tell he is starting to explore even further what happens when Gods stop being polite and start being real…the Real World Broxton , Oklahoma.  Ok,  so maybe that is a bit much but he is digging into both Thor and the other Asgardians as well as how having God’s in the heartland  might affect it’s more immediate residence.

the_mighty_thor_1The very first page of  The Mighty Thor #1 sets a different tone all together from the other Thor book that Fraction worked on. You got from having a preacher  talking to his congregation about the big G’s and the little g’s (referring to Gods) to inter cuts of Silver Surfer speaking about his quest as the Herald of Galactus “The World Devourer.”  I will come back to this as it links in with the end of the story but for now Fraction has us  watching Thor and Siff dive deep into the world tree to get the seed for Odin. While each page is drawn beautifully by Copiel they seemed slightly rushed form his normal detailed work but still beautiful non the less.  The story then has the re born Loki joining Siff and Thor down at the bottom of the world tree and it would seem he is just in time as Thor is cut by one of the ethereal beast living at the bottom of the World Tree . They bring back up the World Tree seed and Thor has a quick post coital conversation with Siff. Now it would seem that not a whole lot was going on in this issue. It would seem that the three separate stories being woven will not connect but I can tell you they are in the most clever of ways.

I mentioned earlier that I would come back to the Silver Surfer and Galactus elements to this arc and now I will. Towards the end of the book we see the Surfer trying to find a celestial body for Galactus to devour. We then see him say that he has found one and it is an old, very powerful source that would fuel Galactus for a very long time. Now if I was a beating man I would say this is one of the Nine realms. In fact I would go one further and say this is the former home world of Asgard, or what is left of it. If Fraction does go this route for a first story arc it would will be a very interesting read and will inform more where Asgard fits within the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. If not well then this was all just a dream and when you click out of this page you will forget all of this. I hope it’s not though as I love what he could be setting up. I also love the spiritual side of things he is exploring with the people of Broxton. He is connecting to the human need to understand and be apart of something bigger and  what happens when God’s live next door to you what does that do to your belief system, how does that challenge your faith. All very cool ideas that could lead to interesting discussions.

Final Verdict: The Mighty Thor changes gears from the last Thor title. However it does it at the right time allowing you to look out the window and examine some beautiful scenery and possibly something about yourself.

Sheldon Lee