Review: Marineman #5

Published on May 3rd, 2011

Honestly, I didn’t want to do another Marineman review. Not so soon, at least! But I just couldn’t resist. This issue has the ultimate bad guy(s) everyone loves to hate.

marineman5The last we learned about Steve “Marineman” Ocean’s origin is that he was an orphaned boy found on the beach one day by his future adoptive parents, a female research scientist and a male Naval officer. But Steve’s in for a shock in issue #5. He, Lt. Charlotte “Charlie” Green, and Ensign Fuller have been captured by the mysterious man that’s been alluded to in previous issues. This mystery man recently revealed that he is Steve’s real father and is now calling himself The Mariner. It is revealed during a dinner inside a submarine (much reminiscent of the Nautilus), that not only is Steve much older than he appears, but The Mariner was once recruited by the Nazis to scientifically engineer the perfect way to attack and conquer the United States.

The project was called “Project: Water Warrior”. After numerous failed projects, The Mariner finally came to genetically engineering a baby who had a myriad of fish-like abilities. And of course we now realize that baby was our very own Marineman. Steve feels so betrayed because most of his life has been a lie, and now he is back to square one and again knows next to nothing about his life other than what other people have told him. The Mariner allows Steve to leave to confirm with his “father” David Ocean that Steve had in fact been deceived. I guess we’ll find out next issue!

I suppose the fact that the mystery of Marineman’s origin and appearance (blonde hair and blue eyes), and the strage old man in a submarine should have given me hints to a possibility that there might be Nazi-science involved, but I didn’t see it coming at all. There is one page of the proposed Water Warriors dressed in full Nazi underwater gear, and it immediately drew me back to that movie reel in The Rocketeer. I love this stuff. Or, as Indy said in The Last Crusade, “Nazis. I hate these guys.” So much fun! Straight up adventure with all the twists!

I am sad to say that this does appear to be a mini-series. That may have been mentioned that at some point and I just didn’t see it, or I ignored it because I didn’t want to believe it. And as lame as it may sound, it breaks my wittle heart. Having said that, it’s been a great ride and there’s always hoping that another mini-series will follow in the future.

Sam Taylor