Review: Daredevil Reborn # 4

Published on May 17th, 2011

Poor Daredevil. The guy hasn’t had a decent comic book on the shelf in months and Daredevil Reborn #4 is no exception. Like Shadowland, this mini-series started off decent enough, but the book ended about as poorly as I should have expected. I wanted to enjoy this book, it had amazing covers from Jock and Davide Gianfelice’s art wasn’t too shabby. Not to mention that Andy Diggle is a great writer and I loved his work on Daredevil until Shadowland ended, but this series was just disappointing.

ddreborn4So, Matt Murdock has left the city to find himself and he ends up in this small, nowhere town where he befriends a young boy that also happens to be blind. Then he finds out that this town has been secretly overrun by a drug ring, but Matt doesn’t want to be a superhero again. In the end he can’t help but intervene and decides to do something about it. Then he goes home to set up shop with Foggy again and everything’s back to normal. It was a simple story that just wasn’t interesting enough and felt like it was only told to undo recent events. It’s like Spider-Man’s One More Day all over again!

I think the biggest problem with the book was the setting. Daredevil works great in an urban city, but he just doesn’t seem to do well in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I’m not even too sure why it doesn’t work. In Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil fights for the common man. He’s not the kind of superhero that you would see take on Galactus by himself. You would think that taking Daredevil and putting him in this corrupt town where he has to fight off a drug dealer would work great, but it didn’t.

It was like the first three issues were spent just setting up this story and then the last one was a rushed ending. I think maybe if it had gone on a little longer, maybe done six issues instead of four, they could have done a better story. I think there were a lot of missed opportunities. What really bothered me about the ending was that Matt just decides to go back to Foggy to start up the law firm again, but they never even mentioned his day job in this book. I think it would have been a good idea for Matt to try and use those lawyering skills to help the town, or maybe just mention how he misses helping people. Give me something to help tie it all together.

In a month or so the new Daredevil book starts with Mark Waid writing it and at this point, I’m not very excited. I’ll pick it up and give it a shot, but I have low expectations.

Ken Zeider