Review: Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #3

Published on May 6th, 2011

Honestly, I had no intention of writing a review for this book when I picked it up. I thought since there was a Trade Tuesday featuring Axe Cop Volume 1 less than a month ago and a Wizard World Anaheim video interview from Ethan Nicolle (the artist), doing a review on this latest issue might be a bit much. Reading this book literally brought me to tears. That six-year old kid who wrote this truly outdid himself on this book. Bravo, Malachai Nicolle, you make Shakespeare look like a hack! It’s one of the funniest things I have ever encountered in my life.

axecopbadguyearth3So, the Earth has been overrun by the most powerful army of bad-guys in the history of everything. The only man that can stop it, is Axe Cop. Luckily, Axe Cop has his team of good guys to back him up. After traveling to the year 0,000,0, Axe Cop is able to learn that the bad guys used to be good guys, but an evil magician lady riding a gorilla riding a lion was responsible for dooming the inhabitants of the Psychic Planet (where everyone is psychic) and turning Psychic Boss and Psychic Helper into bad guys so that they would create the ultimate bad guy army for her. The inhabitants were also turned into talking animals. Have I said enough? Isn’t that enough reason for you to buy this comic?!

This really is a heart-pounding issue. Axe Cop and his team face their greatest foes in this book. I’m flabbergasted that they were able to make it out of this one alive. Or did they? Not only did the team have to fight evil versions of themselves, but they also had to fight Shabaccus. A flying monster that can shoot lava out of its feet and has machine gun ears. If I had to face this thing, I would have pooped my pants. Speaking of pooping pants, the end of this issue is quite possibly the greatest ending to a story in the history of the world.

Reading this comic book makes me wonder why anyone else would bother making comic books. Malachai has put more imagination and creativity into this single issue than anyone has in any other comic. Ever. It’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but I hope that when Malachai grows up, he’ll still be writing comic books. I’m sure that when he’s his brother’s age, he’ll be doing something more mature than Axe Cop, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be some pretty interesting stuff.

Malachai gets a lot of credit (which is very much deserved), but you’ve gotta admire Ethan for his side of things as well. It takes someone with a lot of talent to be able to take a six-year old’s ideas and mold them into something that is entertaining to people of all ages.

I’d also like to apologize to anyone that was within ear shot of me while I was reading this. I’m sure everyone in my neighborhood thinks I’m insane. There’s no use fighting it, Axe Cop takes me back to when I was a little kid and I can’t help, but enjoy it like a kid.

Ken Zeider