Review: Atomic Robo Volume 1

Published on May 17th, 2011

If you’re a fan of Hellboy, you will love Atomic Robo. Remember a couple of months ago, I did a Trade Tuesday on Killer of Demons? Did you end up reading it? You should have because it was awesome. Anyway, after I read that book, I decided that I really wanted to check out Atomic Robo because both books have art from Scott Wegener. So, I just finished reading the first volume entitled, Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne. How awesome is that title?

atomicrobovol1Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? If you haven’t, look him up. He’s pretty interesting. Or better yet, check out the comic book S.H.E.I.L.D. I’m pretty sure it’s a historically accurate portrayal of him. So, back in the 1920’s when Tesla was the main man in the scientific community, he created Atomic Robo, a robot possessing automatic intelligence who has since taken over Tesladyne Industries. He, along with the Action Scientists that he employs to help him, are sanctioned by the U.N. to handle any sort of crises that would be too much for a normal army. So, if you happen to live in Reno, NV and your home is about to be attacked by giant Ant-Monsters, you might want to give Tesladyne Industries a call. Or, if you’re the president of Egypt and one of the local pyramids decides to get up and fire solar beams capable of destroying anything in its path, Atomic Robo might be the guy to handle it.

While reading this book, I noticed a lot of similarities to Hellboy. Both books deal with the supernatural and the main characters in both books are characters that have been around for over 50 fifty years. Also, both Hellboy and Atomic Robo are characters that may not be “human” in the traditional sense, but have been granted “human status” by the government. Heck, all you gotta do is replace Tesladyde Industries with the B.P.R.D. and it’s almost the same thing. There is one thing that Atomic Robo has over Hellboy and that’s a sense of humor. I love Hellboy, but on occasion, the book takes itself a little too seriously. This is a funny book. Atomic Robo throws out one-liners as good as Spider-Man or Deadpool. And I think that when you’re dealing Nazi Robots and walking pyramids, a sense of humor is gonna do wonders to sell the book.

The trade itself is a really nice collection, easily worth the price. First off, it’s a six-issue collection and at today’s prices that’s easily twenty-four bucks, but the trade retails for about nineteen. Or, you could get it from Amazon for a buck or two less at Amazon. We get the standard introduction, which, while I was reading it, made me more excited to actually read the book than I usually get. At the end of the book we get a few back-up stories that are pretty entertaining and give some back story for the series as a whole. The whole thing is then finished off with some pin-ups and early character designs. The character designs are pretty cool and it’s very interesting to see how the character evolved from the original idea. This is another great book, that I’m glad I decided to read. Brian Clevenger and Wegener created an awesome character that’s as much to read as you could ever hope to find.

Ken Zeider