Marvel Women Pajamas

Published on May 18th, 2011

Just when I thought the comic industry was becoming more female friendly in their marketing, Marvel comes along and gives us these pajamas. They are supposed to be a sexy kind of sleepwear for the female comic fan, but really all they are is pretty hideous.

As if society wasn’t hard enough on the female body type and what is an acceptable size to wear, now even a size small can feel like she isn’t thin enough, or have breasts big enough to be a Marvel Heroine. The images on the tops are meant to create an hourglass figure of impossible proportions, the waist so small it would snap in half at the sheer weight of the breasts. To think someone working at Marvel/Disney sat down, looked at the concept and gave the green light is really disturbing. As a female reader, I sometimes feel like even the clothes designed for us have men in mind. Sadly, these seem to sell well and I don’t see a change in the future of similar products.


Black Widow gives you more cleavage, because your own just isn’t enough to be spy.


She-Hulk was apparently “going commando” as Jennifer Walters. Sure, what woman wears panties with jeans?!


American Dream would be wearable if it weren’t for the disgustingly small waist.


Emma Frost is probably the least offending…anybody else find that ironic? How is the most scantily clad character the most “covered” in this line?


Spider-Girl is by far the most disturbing of the bunch. It might be the color scheme, which draws the eye to the waistline, but I see it and I cringe.

Once again, comics seem to FAIL when it comes to the female form. Good job Marvel! Maybe your next product can be the Comic Book themed “Barf Bag.” I have your slogan all ready for you,”You too can look like Black Widow. Just vomit into these three times a day and you will achieve the look that any man would be proud to have in his bed.”

Christina Flores