Figure Friday:Marvel Universe Ultimate Multiple Man

Published on May 20th, 2011

Did you watch Ken’s New This Week for the week of May 11th? Did you see all those cool Marvel Universe figures he was playing with? Oh wait, there was a bit of an issue with his Multiple Man. If you’re not sure what I am talking about, stop reading this review go check out his New This Week. Let’s find out if Multiple Man is a figure that you will want to buy more than one of.

Package Description:

Jamie Madrox was born with an incredible power – one he could have used for great good.  Instead, he fell under the influence of the mutant terrorist Magneto, and became one of the foremost fighters for the Brotherhood of Mutants. His duplicates served as foot soldiers for the various plots hatched by Magneto over the years.  In the end, he was the mutant who executed the most devastating parts of the Ultimatum attacks.


Looking  at this figure, you can tell that Hasbro is using the most recent skinny body that is being used on a lot of their figures. I have seen this body used on such figures as Iron Spider-Man, Archangel, Iron Fist, and Union Jack. Just to name a few.

I do enjoy the paint job that Hasbro has done with this figure. The blue metal paint is great and the gold adds a lot to a very plane looking costume. You can tell that Hasbro has taken their time with the gold lines around the costume.

Ultimate Multiple Man’s costume reminds me a lot of Phantom Limb’s costume from the Venture Bros TV show. I am not a big fan of how his hands are designed with one hand open and the other one closed. I don’t know why they did it this way.

Yet, this is a great looking figure. I am sure it would make any fans of Ultimate Jamie Madrox very happy. So let’s move on to the poseability.



So, did you watch Ken’s New This Week for the week of May 11th 2011? Oh, so you saw how the legs just fell out when he opened it? Well, guess what? His wasn’t  the only one. My friend Carole got me this figure. I was so happy that she got it for me. So, I opened it right when she gave it to me and guess what happened to my Multiple Man figure? Yeah, that’s right. The same thing.

If you try moving Multiple Man just a little bit, some of his limbs fall right off of this figure. I know I can be very hard when reviewing  figures, but this is just bull-shit. I know sometime I give Marvel Universe  figures a hard time even though they’re my favorite toy line out right now, but this was so bad.

This figure is so fucking bad that I would hide myself from the world if I worked on this figure because it is the worst figure in the history of action figures. I think the old Star Wars from 1977 where better than this figure when comes to articulation.

Final Judgment: 1/10

Like I said, this is the worst figure in the history of action figures. I am not going to wast my time talking about this figure anymore. I got a nice trash can waiting for it. I hope that Hasbro will take their time and come back to this character one day and make a better figure.

Simon Daoudi