Review: The Avengers #12

Published on April 26th, 2011

When reading a book by Brian Michael Bendis, there is usually a 95% chance of pure comic enjoyment. However, sometimes he falters, so I guess you can’t win them all, right?  With The Avengers, he and artist John Romita Jr. have shown us non-stop action on a global scale . We have seen the team go into a possible future and now they are chasing The Hood to stop him from getting all the Infinity Gems. The big question is, does The Avengers #12 end with a bang or a fizzle?  Read on to find out.

avengers12Bendis does many things right while handling the super group known as The Avengers. He carefully picks a solid team of well known heroes representing all sides of the Marvel Universe and throws them into large scale, Earth-shattering situations in which at any moment one of the team could die or even lose, with large, global consequence. The first arc had so much story, it was hard to imagine a follow-up to that, but he has given us yet another high octane tail of  epic proportion. The basics of this story is that Parker Robbins, a.k.a. The Hood, is looking to even things up with all the super heroes and decides to go after the Infinity Gems. Once obtained, he could easily rule time, space, reality, everything and nothing all at once. Let’s just say he would be very powerful.  So far, Bendis has written it note perfect, engaging all the different Avengers teams into the fight against evil, which will either end in this issue with evil prevailing or good saving the day! Either way, no turning back now!

The Avengers issue #12 opens with Robbins still on the run from all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  He is in the Astral Plane being confronted by who he thinks is Thanos.  However, not all is as it seems, at it turns out to be Dr. Strange trying to pull a fast one on Robbins. This is then followed by the mother of all super punches to the Hood’s face, given by Red Hulk while holding the Power Gem.  In all honesty, the rest of this issue is pretty much an out and out brawl, drawn in perfect Romita Jr. style.  As the issue wraps up, Iron Man grabs the Infinity Gems and wishes Robbins back in jail and seemingly wishes all the gems out of existence!  Don’t worry my lovelies, he didn’t really wish them out of existence, he just pulled a fake, switcheroo and hid them. We then see Commander Steve telling Red Hulk that he did good today and was a team player and therefore is welcome to be an Avenger! Oh, and what issue could end without Bendis  planting a seed, and what is that seed? Commander Steve is now apart of the Illuminati and one of the new holders of the Infinity Gems.

All in all, a great little arc . I did feel that it ended rather quickly. I am not sure if that was always the intent or if  this summers big event, Fear Itself, got in the way, but I can’t wait to see where the team is going next! Bendis really does handle this Marvel franchise excellently, balancing time with each character and giving you stories that are fitting for  such a big team like The Avengers!

Final Verdict: While this story arc had a swift end, it was still a fun ride and one I will continue to take as long as Bendis and Romita J.R. are at the wheel!

Sheldon Lee