Review: Green Arrow #10

Published on April 5th, 2011

I am continuously impressed with the level of awesome that Green Arrow has been putting out there month after month. J.T. Krul has an excellent grasp on this character and what he stands for, and on top of that, is able to weave new mythology seamlessly into old mythology without skipping a beat. Krul takes the White Tree and Star City Forest that he created in Brightest Day and combines it with the tales of Jason Blood and Galahad in the Arthurian Legends. Most impressive!!!


I think that my favorite thing about Green Arrow #10 is the action. Green Arrow is never at a loss for his epic fights, especially with his array of trick arrows. It’s always fun for me to watch Ollie get out of whatever situation he has found himself in – usually out of his own doing. This issue was an entirely different type of monster. Arrow, Galahad, and Jason Blood fighting the demon Etrigan was just amazing. The use of color became a very important tool as the different characters fought the demon in their own unique style. Kudos to the artist for being so creative with such a simple tool, which was beyond helpful in following the battle sequences. When everything goes down, knowing what color goes with what character is really important. We have Ollie with his arrows (some of fire, which I was unsure of how that would help against a demon, but was cool nonetheless), Jason Blood has very purple magic, and Galahad emerges from the White Tree wielding his sword with, you guessed it, white light.

I loved the way the story was woven together. Who knew that Galahad could have been so relatable? I always thought of him as kind of a silly little side character that invaded Ollie’s forest. I was never sure what was going to happen or how they planned to get rid of him. Obviously, I was wrong. Galahad proved to not only be an awesome addition to the story, but also the most useful part of it. I never saw that one coming! Then, if that wasn’t enough, they throw a bone to the literature nerd in me. I was beyond thrilled to see such an appropriate use of Tennyson’s poetry! Seriously, it’s like Mr. Krul was all about making this Green Arrow experience wonderful for me. With this poem, he was able to work to create the perfect imagery of Galahad’s back story while maintaining all the Brightest Day campy feelings that we’re so addicted to in the DC Universe. I cannot believe that they pulled that off, though Green Arrow has very quickly become one of the best books being put out there right now.

Bottom line is that if you’re any sort of self-respecting comic reader you should be reading this book. Otherwise, I just can’t help you.

Susan Damon