Review: Gotham City Sirens #22

Published on April 25th, 2011

I always read this super fun comic in spite of all the people that make fun of me about it. However, this month it’s just plain silly to ignore Gotham City Sirens. Part of a three part crossover, Sirens #22 teamed up with Batman #709 and Red Robin #22 to deliver an excellent and rich story. Oh, and I have no idea how anyone can walk past this amazing looking cover and not want to pick it up. Stunning! My birthday is approaching, and any replica of that cover has been added to my wish list. Hmm, maybe that cover on a t-shirt? I accept gifts.

gcs22Azrael and the Crusader are testing Red Robin, Batman, and, of course, Catwoman. This issue tells us what my girl Selina did to endure her test. I mean, really, her test was pretty dumb. She just had to kill her sister. Oh wait! That’s right. It was Maggie Kyle’s idea, and she is insane. I found the logic of the situation to be backwards. In order to save Selina’s soul from the cat demon by which she believes her sister to be possessed, Maggie wants Selina to kill her. Obviously, Selina does not do it, which says to me that she definitely is not a demon. However, this is not what Maggie believes (Psst! This is why Maggie is insane).

You know what? I don’t even know what Maggie believes. The entire system was so backward to me that I just started focusing on the major ass kicking that Azrael and the Crusader were giving to Tim Drake. I thought one of the best ideas they had with this crossover is having them call each other in multiple books. I like that in Sirens #21, Selina had to leave Ivy mid-rescue to take care of something. Turns out, this storyline is why she has to leave. Needless to say, Selina failed her test by refusing to take her own sister’s life. Ra’s Al Ghul was not impressed, or was he? As always, I will never fully understand what that man does with his little “plans” with these characters. That is what makes him such a cunning villain. He hides behind the curtain and won’t get his hands dirty unless he has to. Ra’s Al Ghul is a smart man. I suppose immortality does that.

I actually think that this entire story line should be picked up. I enjoy reading about the Batman family working together. I happened to review Sirens, because I am obsessed with the cover. It’s the type of cover that I would consider art if I didn’t like comics. Additionally, if I didn’t already read Sirens, I would have picked up this book anyway. Have I mentioned that I love the cover? Go into your comic store. Pick up Red Robin #22, Gotham City Sirens #22, and Batman #709. Read them in that order. Enjoy the ride. That’s all my advice for this week.

Susan Damon