Review: Fear Itself #1

Published on April 12th, 2011

So Fear Itself  is here and it is the next big  Marvel blockbuster event. This is the book that we have been hearing a lot about and it has been three months since Fear Itself was announced. You may recall that we did a interview with writer Matt Fraction back in January where he spoke to us about this upcoming event.

fearitself1But is it all that? Is this a book that will impact the rest of the Marvel Universe? or is it just another hype book from the House of Ideas? Find out in my review of the first issue of this mini series  form Fraction and the art team of Stuart Immonen & Wade Von Grawbadger.

My personal fear before reading this book was that I was not going to enjoy it because, if you listen to our podcast you’ll know, I am not the biggest fan of Thor and I know Fraction was talking about how this was going to be a BIG event with Thor and the rest of the Asgardian gods.

I had some idea that Fraction would use terrorism and a down economy in the story. I think that the Marvel Universe is more closely related to our own reality than DC is, but I had no idea that he would use such close and hot subjects such as the World Trade Center Memorial to open the book.

Fraction does a amazing job of making the reader feel like he or she is part of the Marvel Universe as we see Commander Steve trying to  prevent a riot at Ground Zero. The storythen jumps to Broxton,Oklahoma as we see a press conference that Fraction has been  laying  out for some time in Invincible Iron Man. Stark Resilient . As Tony Stark aka Iron Man, is going to help the Asgardians rebuild their city and the same time helping out the  people the of Broxton by giving them jobs and helping fix what  Norman Osborn  destroyed at the end of Siege (the last big Marvel event).

As this is going on, we see Sin  (The Red Skull’s daughter) on her quest to find what she was looking for in the Fear Itself Prologue Book of The Skull from a few weeks back.

Then, we see Odin come to Earth and he is very unhappy with what Thor has done with Asgard. This one of the best fights I have see this year in comics and Immonen’s  artwork is just jaw dropping amazing.  I think this was some of his best artwork of his life.

The book ends with Asgardians going home and at the same time, something falling from the sky.

So, there’s your a review of Fear Itself #1 without too many spoilers. This a book that I think is going somewhere and I think Fraction is going to do a great job. I am very excited to read Fear Itself. but I am not sure if I am going to pick up every tie-in book with the Fear Itself banner on it.  So far, the execution has lived up to the potential and Fear Itself looks like it will make impact in on the rest  of the Marvel Universe if the next six parts are anything like this opening act.

Simon Daoudi