Review: Deadpool Team-Up #883

Published on April 1st, 2011

Earlier today, I read the latest issue of The Walking Dead and I’ve never felt so distraught after reading a comic book in my entire life. I was in desperate need of a pick me up to keep me from drowning myself in the toilet. For me, nothing brings up my mood better than listening to Motorhead while reading about one of my all time favorite characters, Deadpool. With two different Deadpool books to choose from this week, I decided to go with Deadpool Team #883. This book was just what I needed to keep me going. A lot of people don’t like this book because Deadpool’s been so over used in recent years, but almost every issue has given me something to laugh at.

dpteamup883In this latest issue, Deadpool has come upon some money troubles and the only solution to the problem is for Deadpool to get a real job. This is Deadpool though, you’re not going to find him working at your local McDonald’s, or governing your home state (couldn’t be worse than that other guy). What kind of job could Wade Wilson possibly be qualified for? How about herald for Galactus? How does that suit you? Well, it suits Deadpool just fine.

After a brief interview with Galactus himself, Deadpool is given the job and the power cosmic. I’ve spent many a day wondering what it would be like if Deadpool had the power of the Silver Surfer (I have a lot of free time on my hands) and this book pretty much captured my imagination perfectly. Instead of whining and being sad about killing millions of sentient beings, Deadpool embraces the life of a herald. And thanks to Deadpool, we’ll never have to see an Ewok again. Bless you, Deadpool.

There’s a lot of really funny bits and gags in this book. In fact, this may have been the funniest issue of Deadpool Team-Up ever published. I couldn’t stop laughing when Deadpool spends four pages irritating the crap out of Galactus. I absolutely have to take some time to talk about Deadpool’s space board, which puts the Silver Surfer’s to shame. Wade can’t have some plane old surfboard, he’s gotta have something that matches his unique personality. This thing has flames painted on it and an engine that would make a funny car fan piss himself. Also, Deadpool’s board has a chair, why should he have to stand all the time?

After reading this, I’ve realized that Scottie Young is as good a writer as he is an artist. If only he had also done the interior art. Ramon Perez’s art isn’t terrible, it’s actually pretty good. Pay attention to the backgrounds in this book, he’s got some pretty funny stuff going on there. I just would have loved to see Young draw this final issue. That’s right, this is the last issue of Deadpool Team-Up and I couldn’t be more disappointed. I don’t give a rat’s behind about Deadpool Corps, but seeing this book come to an end brings a tear to my eye. To all you naysayers out there, I hope you’re happy. On the other hand, this was a damn good final issue.

Ken Zeider