Review: Deadpool MAX #7

Published on April 22nd, 2011

With Deadpool Corps and Deadpool Team-Up gone the way of Arrested Development, I’m left with only Deadpool and Deadpool MAX (and probably some new series or one-shots I haven’t heard about yet) to get my Merc with a Mouth fix. As much as I’m going to miss Deadpool Team-Up, I think two ongoing series is enough for Wade Wilson. At least, for now.


Deadpool MAX has been a really cool series so far. David Lapham writes some really messed up stuff that makes this book worthy of being a MAX title. Not to mention, Kyle Baker’s art is a perfect fit for this insane story. I love how different this book is from the normal Marvel Universe and how it gives us these weird versions of characters we’ve been seeing for years.

After the last issue, Deadpool decided to give up his violent lifestyle when Domino (AKA: Inez) shows up pregnant with his child. In the beginning of the issue, Deadpool is fantasizing about how much fun and how fulfilling it will be for him to be a father. Things don’t quite work out that way for him once Domino gives birth to the baby and by give birth, I mean she handed Wade a crying toy baby. Domino then goes off on her own version of postpartum depression and leaves Deadpool with the crying child/toy.

Just because Deadpool’s baby isn’t real, it doesn’t make the baby any less magical for Deadpool. He cares for the baby just like he would if it were actually alive. The head of the household’s work is never done and Deadpool takes it upon himself to help Domino through her emotional problems. The best way for Deadpool to do this? Bribe a strange family into pretending to be Domino’s family and stage an intervention. Problem solved! I think.

Deadpool has always been a crazy character, but Lapham has been able to truly take Deadpool’s insanity to a whole new level with this book. I think the addition of Inez, who is even crazier than Deadpool, has a lot to do with how entertaining this book has been. At this point, I’m not even sure how her character relates to the regular Marvel stuff. She’s basically an amalgam of every female character Deadpool has ever come across, which could explain why she’s so damn crazy. There’s a scene in the book where she locks herself in the bathroom and starts freaking out about the whole “fake pregnancy” thing. I love the art in these couple of pages, Baker really shows how nutty she is in this scene. She dumps the fake baby on the floor and wipes the Domino make-up off, she then puts on a red wig and walks out of the bathroom looking like the Black Widow.

What I really enjoy about this Deadpool book is that in this universe, Deadpool doesn’t really try to fight his killer instincts to be a hero. He’s embraced his love of killing and violence and uses it as a tool to be (in his mind) a good guy. Most of the time he’s too lost in his own world to actually understand what he’s doing, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s doing the right thing.

Ken Zeider