Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2099

Published on April 22nd, 2011

Back in 1992,Marvel Comics had  an imprint called Marvel 2099. One of the first titles launched was Spider-Man 2099. This week,we’re going to take a look at this Marvel Universe Spider-Man 2099 action figure from Hasbro.

Package Description:

In a future ruled by a corrupt and profit-mad corporation, Earth is starved for heroes.SPIDER-MAN 2099 is the first of many to fight back against the scheming of Alchemax.  Granted his powers in a laboratory accident, he fights the company from within, and uses his technical genius to keep his identity hidden from the high-tech Public Eye security forces.


When you first look at this figure, your eyes go straight to the metallic blue that is accentuated by black highlights,which really makes the figure look quite futuristic. I also enjoy the light red paint job Hasbro has done on this figure. It is not a dark red like other Marvel Universe Spider-Man figures

I do have some issues with his head. It looks a lot smaller than other Spider-Man figures. Yet,when you put the Iron Spider-Man (read my review here) next to Spider-Man 2099 it is the same size.There is a tiny paint job error on his face, which makes his eyes look uneven.

Talking about Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 is a very obvious repaint of the black costume and Iron Spider-Man. I know that once you make a Spider-Man mold,you can repaint it and just add different accessories such as web-cape and the over use clip-on webline. It comes with every Spidey figure! spider-man2099


This figure has very limited poseability.

The torso does not get any help from his web-cape.It is positioned perfectly to get in the way of his joints.

So,this makes it hard to pose this figure. When I was twisting and jiggling this figure (like I have said in past Figure Fridays,I play with the figures for a good week before reviewing them),his joints crack whenever you attempt to move them.When I was posing him, I was hoping that they would not snap off  because that would not be fun.

Final Judgment: 4/10

I guess this figure is fine to look at if you’re just going to have him on your bookshelf. I do love the paint job on this figure and the way Hasbro made him feel like the comics. Yet,he will not be entering  the ComicImpact hall of fame.

There will be no Figure Friday next week, as the ComicImpact team heads to Wizard World Anaheim. If you‘re going to be at the show,feel free to stop by our table.

Simon Daoudi