Collecting: DC Universe Online Green Arrow

Published on April 16th, 2011

For those of you who pay attention to Comic Impact, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Green Arrow, currently being written by friend of the site, J.T. Krul!  Our good buddy Oliver Queen (Go, Ollie, GO!) has never been cooler, had more purpose or a cooler costume (aside from the one from the DCU Animated Green Arrow short, but that’s aside from the point).

This statue is based on the art of Jim Lee from the video game, DC Universe Online.  It is one of a large series of statues, many of which have yet to be released, based upon and intended to promote the MMORPG.  Green Arrow is about 7.56″ high x 6″ wide x 3.75″ deep and is limited to 4,000 individual statues.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not a big fan of DC Universe Online or the statues it inspired.  I don’t like the premise of the game and most of the statues are pretty poorly done.  The Hal Jordan Green Lantern statue has a totally misshapen head.  That said, the DCU Online Green Arrow is really fantastic!  He’s got a really cool, dynamic pose, the costume design is excellent and the costume itself has lots of realistic wrinkles and folds over his skin.

Green Arrow’s sculpting is, for the most part, very well done.  As previously stated, his costume isn’t just a second skin on top of his body, there are creases and folds that give it a very realistic, fabric look.  He has a very bold pose, having just fired an arrow, his right hand recoiling from the shot.  His bow actually has a small piece of string attached, which looks very cool, but a bit delicate as well.  I feel like it could easily snap.  Ollie’s face is very symmetrical and well sculpted in general.  His mustache and goatee, something that can be very easy to screw up, is done very well.  He even has some blond hair if you look under his hood.  My one complaint about the sculpt is Ollie’s left hand where he’s holding his bow.  There is very little to differentiate his fingers from the bow, making it very clear that they are, in fact, one piece.


The paint on this Green Arrow statue isn’t bad, but it’s pretty much just flat greens for the costume, browns for his belts and bandoliers as well as flat beige for his skin.  The boots are a glossier green, which is a nice touch for the mostly flat greens of the rest of the statue.  Ollie’s goatee features the best painting on the statue.  It’s a pretty standard light yellow for Ollie’s blond hair, but there are incredibly thin lines of dark yellow used as highlights which really make it pop.

The biggest downside to the DC Universe Online Green Arrow statue is the base.  It’s a flat black stand (which Ollie can come off of, thanks to pegs in his feet) which features an incredibly ugly DC Universe Online logo which really detracts from all the great features of the statue itself.  If you intend on getting this statue, it’d be best to display it a little bit above eye level so that this God-awful stand isn’t visible.

All in all, this Green Arrow is one of the best DC Universe Online statues available.  Head on over to Amazon, where they’re selling this piece for the discounted price of $74.99 instead of the list price of $85!

Ian Candish