Review: Killer of Demons

Published on March 15th, 2011

Have you ever worried that you might be going insane at your job? You ever think that your boss is a demon from Hell? Is there a small angel that follows you around and tells you to kill people? Well then, I have the perfect book for you. Killer of Demons written by Chirstopher Yost, who you may remember from X-Force and New X-Men. It also features from pretty darn good artwork from Scott Wegener, who you may know from Atomic Robo. So, let’s take a look at this book on this brand new edition of Trade Tuesday.

killerofdemonsDave Sloan is your average guy. He works as a junior account executive for an advertising agency, he has a very loving girlfriend, and he sees demons. That’s right, real, live, demons from Hell. Apparently, when Satan was cast down to Hell he made a deal with the angels where he would punish sinners if he could send demons to Earth pretending to be humans to sway people into sinning. The angels agreed as long as they could have their own killer of demons, one human who is granted the ability to see the demons for what they really are. Dave is the newest demon killer and when we meet him he’s been given the job for a little while, but he’s pretty sure that the angel, Uriel, is a figment of his imagination and none of the demons are real. Although, when you’ve got a little guy with wings screaming at you every day to kill the demons you see everywhere, eventually you’re going to give in.

After killing one demon at a strip club, Dave starts to get into it. So, he goes to his brother, an FBI agent who tracks pedophiles on the internet. Dave’s brother also has a renaissance fair axe in his closet. Dave borrows the axe and goes to a nearby burger place and hacks away at all the demonic employees. Well, this may have been a mistake for Dave because now the police are looking for a mass murderer with an axe. On the bright side, any footage that was taken of Dave shows his head on fire, which hides his identity. Must be a nice perk for the official Killer of Demons. Luckily, Dave’s girlfriend happens to be a cop, so when she discovers the bloody axe in his closet, she takes it on herself to keep any evidence that would implicate Dave a secret. Might I add, she does this without him knowing. That’s a good girlfriend.

Then one night, Dave returns to his home to see Satan in his kitchen, holding Uriel down. Satan decides it’s time to have a nice chat and convinces Dave that he is actually insane and that there’s no such thing as demons. Dave, thinking that insanity makes more sense than there actually being demons on Earth, decides to check himself in to a mental asylum. Dave spends some time in therapy and doing arts & crafts until he meets another inmate who also sees the demons all over the place. So, once again, Dave decides to do God’s work and start killing demons, which makes Satan pretty angry again. Satan then calls upon a Satanic schoolgirl-assassin to kill the Killer of Demons.

After being attacked and almost killed by the schoolgirl and her team of assassins Dave decides it’s time to go back to his place of work and kill his boss, who just so happens to be the Archduke of Hell. Dave goes on a massive killing spree in his office and finally lives up to his title. Then, Satan shows up and, once again, tries to convince Dave that he’s crazy and uses magic to make him think that everyone he killed was human. At this point Dave is so guilt stricken that he’s ready to blow his own head off. Luckily, Uriel is able to intervene and prove to Dave that he’s been doing God’s work. Dave then makes his way to his boss’ office to do battle where he is able to smite the mighty demon and take down Hell’s advertising agency.

I came across this book by accident and I feel very lucky to have discovered it. I had never heard of it, but when I saw Yost’s name on the cover I thought it was worth checking out. Then I read the description on the back and I knew I had to get this book. It’s such a great and funny concept for a comic book.  I think at some point in their life, everyone has had a boss that could very well be a demon from Hell that needed to be killed. I also loved the whole, is he crazy or is he really the Heaven appointed Killer of Demons? It was really cool to read a comedic book from Yost, and Wegener’s art was really awesome. I highly recommend that you go to Amazon and order yourself a copy and if you do, you gotta read the forward and the afterward for this book.

Ken Zeider