Review: Hawkeye Blindspot #2

Published on March 14th, 2011

When you’re best known for being the greatest marksman the world has ever seen, losing your eyesight could put a damper on things for you. And having to deal with your mentor being murdered by one of your oldest enemies doesn’t help either. Luckily, Hawkeye happens to be friends with Tony Stark, who was able to make a cowl for him that is able to compensate his bad eyesight, for now. That’s the summary of what’s going on for Hawkeye in his latest mini-series, written by Jim McCann.

hawkeye2We join Hawkeye late one evening where he’s busting up some arms dealers and working off some extra steam. After knocking all the bad guys into next week, Hawkeye is greeted by Steve Rogers who isn’t too pleased to see Clint out and about before Stark has had a chance to fully test Hawkeye’s new cowl. The book then flashbacks to how Hawkeye first got hooked up with The Avengers and his first encounters with Captain America. We’re then brought back to the present where Steve and Clint are fighting like super-folks do, and trying to one-up each other. Eventually Steve gets his point across when he throws his energy shield into a scaffold which  raises a huge ruckus and throws Hawkeye’s senses out of whack. Steve offers to bring Hawkeye back to HQ and get everything set correctly, but Hawkeye is too engrossed in his own revenge and refuses to go back. They go back to fighting and Hawkeye is actually able to get the best of Steve and escape.

Clint then calls Maria Hill to ask if she’s got any leads for him after examining the body of Trick Shot. She doesn’t have a lot to go on except for some sand found on him that is common to the Five Borough area. Clint heads out for the area and we are once again in a flashback to when Clint became Goliath and went on a mission that ended with his brother dead. Back in the present, Hawkeye is attacked by someone who shoots an explosive arrow at his hover bike. Hawkeye survives and ends up on a moving train, but his new glasses were destroyed in the process. Clint is then greeted by his, once thought dead, older brother who has his own set of archery gear and is getting ready to take Hawkeye down.

I’ve always been a fan of Hawkeye, but I’m a little torn on this book. I enjoyed reading it, it was fun to see Hawkeye as the cocky wild-card, which we don’t see as much anymore. The first few pages where he’s taking out the gun dealers were some of the best I’ve read this week in comics. I really liked the flashback stuff too, it gives the reader some really interesting back-story on Clint that not everyone is familiar with. What I did have a problem with was the whole thing with Clint fighting Steve Rogers. I didn’t understand why they were fighting. I get that Clint is pissed off and Steve doesn’t want him to go off on a revenge mission by himself, but it was like they were fighting just to fill up pages. I think at this point we’ve seen enough of Hawkeye and Captain America fighting each other for no reason. In the end though, if you’re a fan of Hawkeye, you’re gonna enjoy this book. McCann has a great understanding of the character and writes him better than a lot of other writers.

Ken Zeider