Review: Green Lantern #63

Published on March 8th, 2011

I told you all that I would be back to update my opinions from the last Green Lantern review. It remains true that I am still sick of all these big crossover events that keep happening, especially with the Green Lanterns. However, I think that this latest issue of Green Lantern proved that I am a sucker for a good back story, especially if it pertains to the present storyline.

gl63Green Lantern #63 starts off differently than a lot of other Green Lantern books. We get a sense for the universe as it was in the beginning. We see why the Guardians found Krona to be dangerous. It’s all well and good. I mean, he wanted emotions to rule life and the Corps. That’s great, because we should all be in touch with our emotions, according to Krona. The Guardians, being who they are, do what they do best – attempt to take out the opposing force. This is all beginning to look like history repeating itself. This time, Hal Jordan is the one being disobedient. Though, I think that’s actually for the reader to decide.

I think that the Guardians are being unreasonable. I mean, come on! What is Hal doing wrong? He’s trying to catch the guy that you all let slip through your fingers in the first place! Now you’re going after him and to what end really? I think the Guardians need to figure out what they actually stand for, because I do not think that they know anymore. Maybe that’s what this “War of the Green Lanterns” is all about. Personally, I never side with the Guardians. Even when Hal Jordan is being the worst possible version of himself (which he has been doing a lot recently), I still think that Hal understands what the Green Lantern Corps is about. It’s probably arrogant and out of line to say that he understands it better than the Guardians, but I think that he does at this point in the story. The Guardians have been turning their energy to bring in Hal for treason, as opposed to going after Krona and his Entities, who are the real problem in my opinion.

I liked that I am back on Hal’s side. After being so thoroughly annoyed with him last issue, it was a welcomed change of pace. That’s something I really like about Geoff Johns’ writing. He really gets me emotional about the Green Lantern books. I suppose that is the point in the first place. The whole mythology is rooted in the spectrum of emotions. It seems fitting that one would experience those while reading these books. I personally loved that a member from each Corps was able to see the story of Krona through the Book of the Black, and everyone took something different from it. More so, I liked that the guy we believed to be not so bad at the beginning, Krona, actually did something terrible to prove a point to the Guardians. As much as I disagree with how the Guardians handle a lot of situations, perhaps Krona is one they got right. This guy is nuts!

Once again, I am curious as to where this is headed. There was a delightful little teaser at the end which implied that there would only be three rings available and showed the four Lanterns from Earth trying to grab them. We’ll see how that winds up working, or if it is just one big tease.

Susan Damon