Review: Deadpool #33.1

Published on March 8th, 2011

The whole “point one” thing Marvel has been doing lately has been to help new readers catch up on what’s been goin’ on in said universe(s). However, there have been a few books that have not really followed that formula (such as The Amazing Spider-Man). This issue of Deadpool goes its own route as well. The Merc’s way of filling the reader in on his most recent mischief is done on the first page in one word balloon! Boom! Done!

deadpool33_1Soooo… in #33.1, DP’s been hired by these two real estate guys to remove a tenant known as The Wrecker from an apartment building. The Wrecker has other plans and kicks Deadpool’s ass so bad that it puts him in a wheelchair and knocks his mask sideways. Sideways! That don’t fly with the Crimson Comedian who has done his own investigating in regard to the apartment building and the men who have hired him. It turns out that the owners have a buyer for the apartment building, but can’t sell until The Wrecker is gone. Bad news is that The Wrecker has said he’ll destroy the building before he leaves it. Bottom line is that Deadpool wants more money for doing the job and knows that his employers pretty much have to pay it or they’re up a creek sans paddle. Deadpool gets his money wired to his offshore account and he’s off to do some damage.

The Regeneratin’ Degenerate returns to the apartments and has a badass brawl with The Wrecker. After a little conversation with a lil’ ol’ lady tenant during some hiding-from-The Wrecker-time, Deadpool finds out that The Wrecker was hired by the same men that hired Deadpool. Although in this case, The Wrecker was hired to scare the other tenants out of the building so it could be sold. Scaring people like the old lady out of their homes didn’t sit well with The Wrecker and he had a change of heart and became the building’s guard dog, so to speak. Hearing all this, DP decides that in addition to loving the old lady’s flaki (a soup both Deadpool and The Wrecker seem to enjoy), he also loves the idea of screwing the real estate guys out of their money and properties.

With the money wired to him, Deadpool gives his payday to the old lady and she uses the money to buy the apartment building. And because of the destruction to the area in and around the property it came at a discounted price. She informs The Wrecker and the Merc that she’s gonna use the extra money for building improvements and such. Before Deadpool takes his leave of their company, the old lady gives him two large pots of flaki. The Wrecker asks what it’s for. She replies, “Payment.” Wrecker asks, “Payment for what?” Next we see two insert panels of Deadpool’s former real estate employers being shot in the head, and below it we get to see our “hero” about to chow down on some flaki. Deadpool has to get paid somehow and enjoy it, right?

The splash page by Bong Dazo with Deadpool and The Wrecker standing in the middle of a demolished, urban city block is fantabulous! I love the work Carlos Barberi’s done on Deadpool, but Dazo’s work has been incredible as well. I know I speak for most of the contributors of Comic Impact when I say that almost everything that writer Daniel Way touches is gold. All I can hope for is that Way’s run (and continued contribution from great artists) on this book doesn’t end any time soon.

Sam Taylor