Review: Captain America #615.1

Published on March 29th, 2011

Finally! A point-one issue that really accomplished what it was supposed to. As you should all be aware of at this point, Marvel has been releasing these series of point-one issues, in this case Captain America 615.1, that are supposed to be a good jumping on point for new readers. I’ve felt that most of the point-one books haven’t been able to deliver on this. The majority of them have been released during the middle of a storyline that I think would do nothing more than confuse anyone trying pick up the series. This issue was released right after a storyline ended and does a good job of informing new readers on what’s happening in the world of Captain America.

cap1We meet Steve getting ready to go out on a mission while he’s reminiscing on his life since he became a super soldier and how he’s had to take on the job as head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and give up being Captain America to do so. We are then introduced to David Rickford who is training to be a new Captain America. The people responsible for making him a super soldier are pleased at the progress he’s made and have decided to send him out on his first mission to stop a bank robbery. Simple enough. David does a good job, but what he doesn’t know is that Steve Rogers is watching him and Steve is not a happy camper. After Steve watches the guy speak to some reporters, he decides he’s just going to keep on eye on David, for now.

We later meet up with David, still dressed as Captain America, at a laboratory where he believes he’s going to get another one of his super-power treatments. Instead, David is attacked by a bunch of A.I.M. agents who capture him and bring him to one their flying labs so that they can turn him into a new M.O.D.O.K. monster. Kinda weird, but I’ll deal with it. Luckily, David was being watched by Sharon Carter who calls Steve and gets him on to the A.I.M. ship. Commander Steve sneaks inside the lab and is able to get David out and trash the ship before the A.I.M. scientists can do anything about it.

Once the two get to safety, Steve immediately goes off on the new guy. Steve demands that he not wear the Captain America uniform and that he needs to give up the crime fighting altogether. David retaliates and claims that Steve gave up being Captain America and that the world needs someone to be the symbol. Steve ends the conversation saying that he understands the need of the symbol, but that symbol isn’t going to be David. End of discussion. The issue concludes with Sharon Carter meeting up with Nick Fury saying that she knows it was him who set up this new Captain America to get Steve back into the costume. Fury admits it because Steve needs to realize that is he doesn’t take the mask back, someone else will.

Well, we all know that sooner or later Steve Rogers will be Captain America again. Personally, I’ve been a big fan of Bucky in the costume and I’m still hoping that he’ll get to keep the shield a little longer. I did enjoy this point-one issue a lot though. I thought Ed Brubaker did a great job of summing up the history of Captain America in one issue. We got a refresher on Steve’s history as Cap, and how Bucky’s got legal problems that are keeping him from being the hero.  We even got a mention of the other guys who were Captain America while Steve was frozen. I really think that anyone could pick up this issue and get what they need to know to keep reading the series. I really like Mitch Breitweiser’s art. He did the Captain America Patriot series that was really good and I enjoyed looking at his artwork again. If you haven’t been reading Captain America, shame on you, but you can redeem yourself by picking up the series with this book as a great starting point.

Ken Zeider