POW:February 23rd 2011 Amazing Spider-Man #655

Published on March 2nd, 2011

Oh, man!  Finally, it’s time for another POW, Pick Of the Week Podcast!  I know you couldn’t hold your anticipation much longer, and you’re a real trooper for toughing it out.  Good job!

Ian has the pick this week and he went with Amazing Spider-Man #655.  Unfortunately, Simon, Ken and Sheldon couldn’t disagree more.  The podcast reaches riotous proportions as the group lets Ian know what a dumbass he is for such an irresponsible pick.  He may be fired.  Simon also starts to realize that he’s more of a fan of 1990’s comics than he thought, Sheldon is going to follow Bucky to Russia to help him fight bears and Ken can’t find his cat.  It’s a show for the ages, my friend!  Don’t listen at your own risk!

Also talked about this week are Fantastic Four #588, Detective Comics #874, Captain America #615, Deadpool #33, Astonishing X-Men #36, Age Of X Alpha #1, Invincible Iron Man #501, Iron Man 2.0 #1, Ultimate Spider-Man #154, Green Arrow #9 and Savage Dragon #169.

Go, Ollie, Go.

Running Time: 01:36:42
Music: Animal – Neon Tress

Ian Candish


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