Contest: SuperHeroStuff

Published on March 4th, 2011

Hey, all you Comic Impact followers!  Are you a member of our Facebook page?  You should be, because we’re starting a brand new, monthly contest that you can only take part in if you’re one of our lovely Facebook followers.

superherostuffcomicimpactThanks to the wonderful people at, we will be offering a free t-shirt to one lucky Facebook follower each month.  Here’s how the contest works:

1) Follow Comic Impact on Facebook
2) Repost our weekly POW, Pick Of the Week Podcast on Facebook and tag us in the post.
3) You can repost as many times as you like, but you only get one entry per week.  If you repost all 4 podcasts of the month, you get 4 entries.
4) For a bonus entry, tag SuperHeroStuff’s Facebook page in all of your reposts as well.  To receive the bonus entry, you must repost all 4 podcasts of the month, tag Comic Impact’s Facebook page AND SuperHeroStuff’s Facebook page as well.  Failure to include SuperHeroStuff’s Facebook page in all 4 reposts will result in your loss of the bonus entry.
5) At the end of the month, we’ll tally up all the entries and announce the winner on Facebook.

Remember, to be able to tag a page on Facebook, you must be a follower, so go “Like” Comic Impact and SuperHeroStuff!

“How do you tag on Facebook,” you ask?  Well, when updating your status, you write @ before the name of the person/page you’re tagging.  So, if you’re tagging Comic Impact, you’d write, “@Comic Impact”.  Facebook takes care of the rest!  Here’s a sample repost:

“I’m listening to the new podcast from @Comic Impact!  Go check out!”

But, go ahead and spice it up!  Make it interesting!  But, remember to include the link to the current POW, Pick Of the Week Podcast, in the “Link” tab when updating your status!  Good luck, everyone!

And remember to check out for all your superhero stuff needs!

Ian Candish