Comics on Film:March 22nd 2011

Published on March 22nd, 2011

Greetings and salutations, lovers of comic books and movies based on those comic books! How are you on this fine day? I hope you’re feeling excited! Excited, for a brand new edition of Comics on Film! I know I am. I just can’t get enough of those guys telling me all the latest comic book movie news! It just warms my heart. Or maybe that’s just the donuts talking?

There’s so much news this week, we could barely fit it all into one video! We got stuff on the new Wonder Woman TV show, and the new Daredevil movie/almost reboot. You want more? Well, heck yeah we got more! How about the latest stuff on The Wolverine? That enough for ya? Well too bad, there’s more stuff! There’s so much stuff going on, I forgot what it was. And I was there! So, quit being a slacker and go check out the new video!

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Ken Zeider