Production Update: Chew

Published on March 24th, 2011

It hasn’t even hit it’s 20th issue yet, but Image Comics’ Chew is the next in chew-coverline for a small screen adaptation.

It was reported by Deadline today that Chew will be featured on Showtime as “a quirky half-hour cop show.”  It will be directed and executive produced by Stephen Hopkins who comes from Circle of Confusion, the company that brought us AMC’s hit comic adaptation, The Walking Dead.  The script for this adaptation was written by Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer (Eureka), and the Deadline report states that the show will be “tweaked” from the original comic version.

Chew tells the story of Tony Chu, an FDA agent who gets a psychic impression from everything he eats.  In this world gone mad, due to a bird flu pandemic, all poultry products have been prohibited and the FDA is the strongest branch of the United States government. Tony uses his special gift to solve food related crimes for the FDA.

At SDCC 2010, we got a chance to sit down with John Layman, the creator of Chew.  At that time rumors were floating around about the possibility of a Chew TV show and he responded to them in this video.

If you’ve never read Chew, you should really do yourself a favor and get caught up.  There are only two trade paperbacks so far and they are really fantastic reads.  If you’re looking for a quirky, unique, weird book then Chew is right up your alley.

Ian Candish