Artist Spotlight: Mark Brooks

Published on March 29th, 2011

Did you read Thor 620.1? Did you see the amazing artwork by Mark Brooks in the book? Ever wanted to know how  a comic page is put together using Photoshop? Well, check out this great video. The video is 9 hours of work condensed into 10 minutes. I know I have watched this video a few times already. I am still amazed how he did this page.

Brooks is best known for his covers and his pin up artwork and we’re also big fans of his here at ComicImpact. I know that staff member Ian has a print of  Kitty Pryde’s return to the X-Men from Uncanny X-Men #522 that  he got at  last year’s San Diego Comic Convention. And I have a print of  Mary Jane that I got back at Star Wars Celebration IV back in 2007.


Brooks is one of those creators that has his own style that is something special when you see it. So, if you ever see him at a convention make sure to stop at his table and check out some of his amazing artwork and go pick up Thor 620.1 and make sure to listen to the podcast for the week of March 23rd 2011 to find out what we love and hate about the book.

Simon Daoudi