Review: X-Men Legacy #245

Published on February 25th, 2011

This is it! Age of X has started with this latest issue of X-Men Legacy. If you haven’t been paying attention to the numerous advertisements in Marvel’s books the last couple of months, Age of X is an alternate time line (Remember Age of Apocalypse? It’s kind of similar) where Charles Xavier never formed the X-Men. Without the X-Men, normal humans have gone off the deep end, and have been exterminating mutants. The few mutants that haven’t been captured or killed are making their stand in Fortress X, a small area where Magneto has brought his followers to keep them safe.

x-menlegacy245In this first part of the story, it has been 1000 days since the war between humans and mutants started. Sadly, this day is just like any other day, filled with violence. Cannonball has taken his team to fight what was believed to be the humans’ most threatening army. It is later realized that this was a diversion to keep the mutants away from a larger attack on Fortress X. Magneto decides to send the only other team available, led by Tempo. The team also includes Gambit, and Nightmare (this world’s version of Pixie) and they are able to hold the army back until Cannonball’s team arrives. Unfortunately, Tempo is injured in the battle and is about to die. Cannonball sends for Legacy (Rogue) who’s task it is to absorb the dying mutant’s psyche so that she will never be forgotten.

After the battle, The Force Warriors, which is a group of mutants with telekinetic abilities, are sent to rebuild the wall to keep everyone safe. Then everyone goes to the local bar, where a de-powered Logan runs things, but just as everyone starts to relax the intruder alarm goes off. Legacy was the first to respond because she was trying to get some alone time to sort out her head. The others respond just like clockwork, the intruder is subdued quickly, and revealed to be Kitty Pryde. We then learn that Kitty was actually kept prisoner in the brig of Fortress X with other mutants that are considered too dangerous and unstable. Magneto then takes the unconscious Kitty back to the brig.

After the excitement, Legacy returns to her evening walk, and discovers a camera that Kitty was trying to sneak back inside the fortress. Meanwhile, Magneto leaves Kitty inside the brig with instructions that he be the only one allowed to see her until he finds out how and why she left. The book ends with a view of some of the other inmates in the brig, including Emma Frost, the Cuckoos, and someone who appears to be a comatose Professor Xavier.

Growing up in the 90’s, I, like so many others, was a big fan of the Age of Apocalypse. Some people look at alternate realities as a waste of time, or a gimmick. Personally, I like alternate realities. I grew up with these characters and I find it interesting to see how they would turn out in different circumstances. Stories like this are fun because they don’t effect the normal continuity in any way, which gives the writers the ability to do whatever they want. It’s really interesting to see Cyclops as the uncontrollable bad-ass and Wolverine as the level headed voice of reason. Then, you have Magneto as the unquestionable leader of all mutants who also has his own prison for mutants that are “too dangerous,” and all you can think is, “How did this happen?” This story brings dozens of questions to my mind, which I think is the big appeal to something like this.

Ken Zeider