Review: The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

Published on February 15th, 2011

Another Tuesday has come up out of nowhere, which means we have a brand spanking new edition of Trade Tuesday! This week we’ll be taking a look at The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues. If you remember, we had a Trade Tuesday a couple of weeks ago that focused on The Flash: Rebirth, and as I said in that review, it just wasn’t what I expected it to be. Does this new series meet my expectations and accomplish what I would like it to do? Well let’s find out!

flashdastardlydeathoftherogSo, Barry Allen is back in Century City and he’s back on the job as a Forensics specialist for the police department. A lot has changed since Barry has been gone, but some things never change, like The Rogues, who are still up to their old tricks. Barry is trying to get back into the swing of things, but when the dead body of the Mirror Master is discovered things start to get weird. For starters this isn’t the Mirror Master that Barry new, or that anybody else knew for that matter. Then, a big light show takes place in another part of the city, so Barry goes to check it out, when The Flash gets there he is greeted by Commander Cold (nope not Captain Cold) and this guy is here to arrest The Flash for the murder of Mirror Monarch, which Flash claims he isn’t responsible for. Commander Cold goes on to say that he and his pals (The Renegades) are from the 25th century and they’re here to arrest Flash before he commits murder. Flash wants to talk things out, but these guys aren’t interested so they get into a big scrap that ends with Flash sending them back to the future, which also causes an apartment building to be destroyed, but don’t worry because Flash saves everybody and rebuilds the building in no time!

Barry is somewhat concerned that these new Rogues may be on the level and his suspicions increase when he finds out that his DNA has been found on the body of Mirror Monarch. Barry tries to focus on his work when he comes across a case that ended with a boy being sent to prison for a murder his mother is positive he didn’t do. Barry tries to come up with some new evidence, but his new coworkers aren’t happy with him digging around in their old cases. Meanwhile Captain Boomerang has broken out of prison and is determined to prove himself to the present time Rogues.

If Barry’s life wasn’t stressful enough, he’s now got to deal with the Rogues and the Renegades attacking him at the same time. Things start to look up when The Flash is able to get the Top from the Renegades to explain to him what’s going to happen and how Flash can avoid becoming a murderer. Apparently the current Rogues have a Gateway to the Mirror World’s nexus, and when the Rogues shatter it Barry’s wife becomes possessed and the only way for Barry to save her is to kill Mirror Master, but apparently Flash is going to screw it up and kill Mirror Monarch by mistake. Here’s the thing though, when the Rogues do unleash their ultimate weapon, there’s nothing to indicate that any Mirror Lords have escaped to possess anybody.

Flash realizes that The Top made the whole thing up. After being arrested and sent to trial Flash quickly escapes and heads back to the present where he finds The Top ready to kill his wife. Flash quickly rescues Iris and chases after The Top. Top tries to explain that he had to set Flash up because his ancestor was the real killer in that case that Barry was investigating earlier. Unfortunately Iris is the one who finds this out so Top was trying to kill her to keep this information from getting out because having a killer in your bloodline blacklists you from law enforcement in the future. Flash is then able to take down the Top and send him back to his own time when the Renegades show up.

So I gotta say, I was really happy with this book. This is what I wanted out of Flash: Rebirth, a good jumping on point. I’ve always liked The Flash, but his history is so convoluted it’s hard to get into the comics. Geoff Johns did a great job of giving you any information that was needed to understand the story. The art is amazing, I’ve heard people talk about how great Francis Manapul is, but I didn’t really get into his style until I actually sat down and read this book. These two work really well together, there were a few pages where I’m looking at Flash run across the blades of a helicopter, or taking apart a car at super-speed, and I’m amazed. If you’re looking for a good Flash book to read this is it, and if you go to Amazon right now, they’re selling the hardcover for less than twelve bucks! Twelve bucks for the first seven issues of the series! Now, that’s a bargain!

Ken Zeider