Review: Hulk #29

Published on February 9th, 2011

Hulk so far has been one crazy fun field ride that has turned even a hard edge non believer in Hulk like Simon into a big fan on this book thanks entirely to the the wonderful writing of Jeff Parker and the incredible artwork of Gabriel Hardman!We have seen Red Hulk punch a Watcher in the face and hang with the big boy superheroes so far but can he maintain this excellent run we have been given or does it just leave as sad like blue Hulk? Read on to find out!

hulk29When last we left Red Hulk he was on a monster island with A-Bomb trying to take out one of the last of the Scorched Earth initiatives put in place by M.O.D.O.K .This puts us right back into the action as soon as you open the book! Hardman continually out does himself on his own art evoking a very Alex Raymond esque feel while still giving you the big time Marvel super hero action you crave! This would be like eating your favorite food all the time and loosing weight and have it be good for you!So back to Hulk and A-Bomb beating the crap out of monsters then Banner Hulk comes into the mix to help the two out and as Ben Grimm would say “It is Clobber in Time”! Both Hulks and A-Bomb decide to go to the Volcano which of course is the secret lair of M.O.D.O.K. Once on the inside they battle a ton of Life Decoy Models and take out a huge vat of cloned M.O.D.O.K. brains! Whew.

They are getting me tired. Ok so they destroy what was left of the Scorched Earth program and during it all Banner Hulk lets it slip to Red Hulk that he still has his powers to absorb energy from beings he touches.This becomes a rather cool situation as Banner explains after all the fighting is done that  Red HUlk works like a battery and essentially he will either  use up all his juice and get stuck as Red Hulk forever or he will be stuck as Ross forever. This seems to be something that, at the time, Red Hulk does not care to much about.

Well this ties up all the lose ends right? Wrong. At the end we see LDM’s at another location loading an untouched, unmodified coned version of M.O.D.O.K.’s brain into a new body and a new Spider Like creepy design by Gabriel Hardman!! Buummmm Bummmm Buuuuuuuuuum! End of issue….almost. I hardly ever read back up stories but this issue has a great one which has some great art by Ben Oliver and was also written by Jeff Parker and  introduces us to a new villain for Red Hulk named OMEGEX. As I understand it  over the next few issues of HULK we will start to get introduced to his own rouges gallery of all new villains from the mind of Jeff Parker and if that doesn’t get you excited then you need to check your pulse!

Final Verdict:This hands down is the only HULK book you have to read every month!Period….er I guess double period!

Sheldon Lee