Review: Green Lantern #62

Published on February 24th, 2011

A prelude to another Green Lantern event. I feel like I’ve read this before. Only this time I get to have Entities instead of Black Lanterns. I feel like DC this year has been all about “events”. Brightest Day. War of the Green Lanterns. Return of Bruce Wayne (which led to Bruce Wayne: the road home, and now Batman, Inc). Flash Point. I’m okay with events. I guess I am not understanding why everything has to be eventing at the same time. I, however, do not write for DC. I place my faith in the hands of those fine people and trust that they know what they are doing. It’s not like I’m going to stop reading their books.


I’ve gotten off topic. This is review time! Green Lantern #62. What did I think of it? I think that Geoff Johns is always fun to read. There is not a time I pick up one of his titles, finish it, and am still hungry. He always fills me up. He knows Hal Jordan very well at this point, and even when Hal is being the worst version of Hal (which he definitely is right now), Mr. Johns maintains the integrity of the Green Lantern Corps in Hal. We all know why Hal has the ring. We all know why the Guardians love the work Hal brings. The problem is that Hal tends to forsake a lot of his other responsibilities for the sake of the Corps.

Uh, “What’s wrong with that, Susan?” is what you’re probably asking yourself right now. “I’m pretty sure being committed to the Green Lantern Corps is a good thing.” That’s what you’re saying. I understand why you’d think that. The Green Lantern Corps is a noble cause. However, so is the Justice League and so is having a life.

I’m being harsh. Here’s what’s going on. All the different Corps have their Entities that are now under the control of a dangerous former Guardian by the name of Krona. Krona has overpowered Hal and taken off to another dimension. After the defeat, Hal wakes up with his old friends, who are trying to take care of him. They question how long it’s been since he took off his power ring. They mention that he hasn’t had the best luck with these Entities in the past (referring to the time Hal spent possessed by Parallax). They’re trying to help, and Hal simply leaves. He has a greater cause.

These are all very typical things for Hal Jordan to do. I have to give Geoff Johns a lot of credit for knowing who he’s writing. Not all writers get it right. I, however, have a “woman scorned” attitude towards Hal and think that he is self destructing by taking on too much. He also has an incredible double standard as he recently disapproved of Carol Ferris taking the place of Star Sapphire queen. Whatever Hal!

It’s not a bad issue. It’s definitely a good set up for the events to follow it. I will keep you updated as the event unfolds.

Susan Damon