POW:January 26th 2011 Uncanny X-Force #4

Published on February 2nd, 2011

Holy bejeezus, WOW!  Were you jonesing for a new POW, Pick Of the Week Podcast as much as I was?  I hope not, because those withdrawal shakes were getting pretty bad.  But, it’s here now!  We can rejoice!

But, it is a bittersweet moment, as Sheldon could not join us this week.  Ian has the pick and he went with Uncanny X-Force #4, written by Rick Remender with “Holy crap, it’s stupid how great that art is” art by Jerome Opena.  Ian is joined by Simon the French and Ken, the male bearded lady.  They go on an on about the mountain of great books that came out on 1/26/2011.  It’s a good, clean, fun romp for the whole family…okay, it’s not very clean or family oriented, but it is fun and there is DEFINITELY some romping going on.  Just listen, find out and be disturbed.  It’s gonna get weird!

Also talked about this week are Deadpool #32, Fantastic Four #587, Age of X Alpha #1, X-Men #6, Ultimate Spider-Man #152, Captain America #614, Detective Comics #873, Green Arrow #8, Avengers #9, Secret Avengers #9, New Avengers #8, Thunderbolts #152 and Guarding The Globe #3.  Told you it was a doozy!

Running Time:01:38:45
Music: Ninja Rap – Vanilla Ice

Ian Candish


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