Figure Friday: Marvel Universe World War Hulk

Published on February 4th, 2011

I never was a big Hulk fan, yet there are a few Hulk story lines that I do enjoy. Such as Planet Hulk and also World War Hulk. Now Hasbro has made a World War Hulk figure that is now part of their Marvel Universe line, but does he have what it takes to become a great figure? Or is it  just big paper weight? I guess we’ll find out in this week’s Figure Friday as we take a look at Marvel Universe’s World War Hulk from Hasbro.

Package Description:

Betrayed by those he once called allies, and devastated by the destruction of a place he had come to call home, the Hulk has returned to seek revenge. His massive stone starship hovers above the streets of Manhattan, and his alien army has turned midtown into a prison camp for the heroes of Earth. He will never descend to the level of those who betrayed him, but he intends to teach them all a lesson they will never forget.


If you were to see this Hulk figure in real life and you don’t pee  in your pants there is something wrong with you because  I know I would be petrified  if I saw this  gamma loving monster walking down the street. This is what a Hulk figure needs to feel like and look like, not only because he  is full of  weapons  from his time from the Planet Hulk story line when he was on planet Saakar.

Every part of his arsenal looks great, especially  his sword, and ax. And guess what? Captain America is not the only Marvel universe figure with a  shield, as  World War Hulk has one and wow the textures are awesome. Hasbro has really picked up their game with the  textures on their figures.  Now what about the sculpt? The only word that comes to mind is “WOW.” It is just an amazing sculpt. This all new sculpt is something I would love to see them use to update the other Hulk figures in the Marvel Universe line.


I remember when I first heard about this figure, I was thinking they were just going to use the same sculpt as the other Hulks, but it certainly is not. I also took some time to look at my  Juggernaut and Thanos figures to see if they reused those sculpts, but I have never seen this sculpt before. So Hasbro, mad points to you  for coming out with a new one.

His skin is rough and very detailed, it is very appropriate for Hulk because I wouldn’t imagine him to have baby soft skin. I love that Hasbro took their time on his left arm  where his sculpted armor is just full of detail.

This figure outshines the entire line of the Marvel Universe figures and is just breathtaking.


This is a big figure which it should be since we’re talking about the Hulk here and his articulation is better then I imagined it would be. It  has some good poseability, maybe not the best in the world, but he does what he needs to do and I can tell you I had a lot of fun finding a good pose for him when I was taking the photo for this review. Not like last week’s Iron Spider-Man. This is a figure that both kids would enjoy playing with, and collectors can look at.

Final Judgment:10/10

I would love if they made this figure in the Marvel Legends line, but for now I am happy that we got a bad ass World War Hulk in the Marvel Universe line.This figure is a must have period. This figure perfectly captures the Hulk and is the best figure from the entire Marvel Universe line. I think I’m going to ask it to be my Valentine’s day date. So STOP READING THIS REVIEW and go order yourself a World War Hulk.

Simon Daoudi