Figure Friday: Marvel Universe Thanos

Published on February 11th, 2011

If you ever listen to our podcast here at ComicImpact you’ll know I always make jokes when Sheldon or Rob talk about Thanos. I’m just not a big fan of the books that he appears in, for me he’s always just been Marvel’s version of DC’s Darkseid. I do recall him in the 1990’s and Infinity Gauntlet, yet when I think of Thanos I think more about one of my favorite stories in comics, The Death of Captain Marvel and Jim Starlin’s artwork in that book. If you’ve been reading the Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis, then you know that The Infinity Gauntlet is back, so why not take a look at the man who used to have The Infinity Gauntlet on him?

Package Description:

Born disfigured, Thanos became obsessed with mortality at an early age. As he grew and came into the power he inherited from his Eternal parents, his obsession became a determination to wipe out all life in the universe. For ages he has traveled the stars, seeking ways to finally achieve his dream of a cosmos at peace with not a single living thing to mar it. From time to time, he has very nearly achieved this goal, and been stopped only by the cooperation of the most powerful  beings in the universe.


Thanos is one of the big boys in the Marvel Universe, and it’s one of the larger figures to date along with World War Hulk, and Juggernaut, and  just like the other big boys he has an excellent sculpt. After a close inspection it is obvious that Thanos is a repaint of Juggernaut, and there’s nothing wrong with that that. I was sure I had reviewed this sculpt before working on this review, so look for a review in the next month or so of Juggernaut, but for now back to Thanos.

He is just the perfect size as he towers over the regular sized guys, and he’s almost two times the size of Captain Marvel. I love that this sculpt is super thick and the muscles are done right. I feel like adding too many muscles is too common, but Hasbro did this figure the right way. Also his face is pretty awesome considering the scale, and I love that arrogant half sneer.

I also love that he comes with two hands without The Infinity Gauntlet and and an extra one with it. The coloring on him is GREAT, there is plenty of shading to give him a nice amount of detail. Also, I love the gold paint they used and I love the blue which is almost Dodgers blue.



Just like World War Hulk, this big guy has some great articulation. I think it is funny that some of the Marvel Universe figures with a bigger sculpt are the ones with the best articulation.

The combination of the thigh cuts and the ball hips/legs also allows him to stand up straight where the older figures like Thing and Hulk can’t. Other cool parts of this figure is how the Bicep Swivels. His ball jointed head is great when you’re trying to make him look down on other figures. This is another great figure for the team of Hasbro.

Final Judgment:10/10

Hasbro has done something that’s pretty awesome, they have made me like a character that I don’t  care for in the pages of the comics by making  him into a bad ass action figure that I am very happy to own.  So if you’re a fan of Thanos or just great figures head over to Amazon and buy one of these bad boys.