Review: The Thanos Imperative Devastation

Published on January 12th, 2011

Nova,Peter Quill a.k.a Star Lord and Thanos all made it to the Cancerverse to take down the bad guys but what did they end up sacrificing? Well if you read The Thanos Imperative then you know it was everything.These 3 lost everything they wanted …one for selfish reasons and the other two for noble ones. In it’s wake a universe is left to rebuild. But who will step in when so much is lost. Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning answer these and many other question with the one shot The Thanos Imperative:Devastation, along with beautiful art work from Miguel Sepulveda. With all hope lost for Marvels Galactic heroes can there be any hope for this book? Read on to find out!

thanosimperativeThe book opens with a galaxy in ruins and Cosmo the telepathic Russian dog ridding shot gun with Silver Surfer traversing the galaxy to get a message out that Peter Quill gave him right before the Cancerverse disappeared. This message was to assemble a cosmic team like no other that will stop any large threat dead in it’s tracks! in other words The Bad Assess of the Galaxy ! Cosmo sets off to talk to Silver Surfer,Ronan The Accuser, Beta Ray Bill,Quasar, and Gladiator to try to convince them of this.Of course it isn’t as easy as all that. He gets the team assembled just in time  to see Blastaar taking the opportunity to take over the Kree empire and in a fight with Medusa of the Inhumans. This new team of Annihilators cleans house pretty quickly  taking Blastaar out and restoring order. After they clean house they decide that they will come together but only as a very last resort and that is when Cosmo tells them they Quill had a final message, a to do list if you will.That there was a much larger threat coming and that they needed to prepare for. Just then a Robot teleports in and says he is Ikon a Space Knight and he has come to lead a team against the Dire Wraiths. End of  One- Shot !This will lead us perfectly into The Annihilators ongoing.

I really am starting to love the cosmic side of Marvel more and more. It is crazy to me how well everything fits together with the regular super hero stuff that Marvel puts out.They have found this perfect way of blending the two genres and making them feel like a natural fit. I think this is the reason I have had a much more difficult time getting into the D.C. side of cosmic stuff. It just does not mesh as well.Even with seemingly crazy things like a talking Russian dog or a talking raccoon the cosmic stuff really works. You start to understand why the villians on earth want things like the Cosmic Cube and bigger picture stuff like The Skrull and Kree Empires fighting while here we are…Earth, this tiny speck with heroes of our own trying to make a difference in the only ways they know how.It is very high concept stuff and I appreciate what Abnett  and Lanning are doing with this book and with the upcoming book. I also have to mention the wonderful art work of Miguel Sepulveda. He gives you that futuristic technology with a hint of Kirby and Star Wars with out really having to make it over obvious or make it look silly or out of place.He also does a bad ass version of Silver Surfer to boot!I can only hope we haven’t seen the end of Nova or Star Lord as they were really great characters!! I have a feeling we haven’t and that this is just a little break to let things get out of control until they return to save the day!

FINAL VERDICT:If you are looking for a Cosmic Avengers book then this is where it all starts!!! Consider this a prelude to a hell of a ride!! Thank you Abnett and Lanning!

Sheldon Lee