Review: S.H.I.E.L.D. #5

Published on January 5th, 2011

First off S.H.I.E.L.D. does for me personally what Assassin’s Creed does for video games.In that it allows the reader the chance to experience a secret history that we have never seen or read about thus turning what we think we know about history on it’s ear thus making it new and exciting. Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Dustin Weaver this book continues to explore Marvels true history and how it has effected both the world and the way we view it. Read on to see if History needed to be rewritten.

shield_5So far in this book we have seen most of the story told through the eyes of Leonid along with a few historical figures. We have seen a grander view of the Marvel history with S.H.I.E.L.D being founded by Imhotep following a battle alongside Apocalypse  and the original Moon Knight against the Brood.We also have learned of past agents who include Zhang Heng (who encountered a Celestial), Galileo (who fought against Galactus) and Leonardo DiVinci. Leonid was taken in 1953 to theImmortal City under Rome by Nathanial Richards and Howard Stark (Yes the fathers to both Reed and Tony)to the Shield High Council.The council claims that they know the “Final Fate of Man” and have chosen Leonid  because of his destiny and to protect that nothing else threatens the earth until this event happens.All of this is some pretty lofty ideas coming out  of a Marvel book which makes me pretty happy!

They also show that The Shield Council lead by Sir Isaac Newton have kidnapped Nostradamus and are keeping  him a prisoner making him tell of the impending future. We have also seen a mysterious man battling S.H.I.E.L.D. named The Night Machine. We later find out that this is Leonids father who is in fact Nikola Tesla!Crazy right?Oh it get’s so much more so. We have seen a Celestial give birth or rebirth and then Leonardo DiVinci (with his own flying machine ) take the child from the sun and bring it back to the Council and then take the reigns of leadership back away from Newton to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. which pretty much puts us at issue #5.

I know all of this is a lot to digest but that is what makes it so much fun! It becomes like a puzzle.Like watching FRINGE or Lost. Trying to figure out how everything connects and where it might be going! Hickman is really doing something special with this series and it shows no signs of stoping.In fact this issue only gives more clues and tells the story of both Stark and Richards having to say goodbye to their families. It gives us a peek at what their son’s end up becoming because of who these two men really were at heart.

It is touching that Richards doesn’t want to leave his family and seeing Stark excited about the possibilities. It speaks volumes about who Reed and Tony end up becoming as grown men. It also makes me wonder who else we might run into in this historical Marvel tale! We end up spending a lot of time in this issue seeing the Star Child that Leonardo brought back grow both physically and with power as Leonid sits patiently by ever learning.There is also a hint of a disastrous future to which Richards and Stark track The Night Machine to that seems to occur long after our current time. I love the fact that this book is becoming pure Sci Fi Superhero! My new favorite genre!!

FINAL VERDICT: If you love Sci – Fi, History, and great Superhero books this is the ONLY book you will ever need!!

Sheldon Lee