Review: Daredevil Reborn #1

Published on January 17th, 2011

WHAT?! Daredevil is dead?! Oh how can this be? How can I go on? Oh… he’s fine, never mind. We’re good. So I’ll be the first to admit that while Shadowland started off really good, the end was a bit of a cop out and didn’t even make a lot of sense. So now we have a new miniseries entitled Daredevil Reborn that we’re all hoping will be able to bring Matt Murdock back to the  lawyer by day, masked vigilante by night bad-ass that we all know and love.

ddreborn1So after the events of Shadowland Matt Murdock has decided to take some time off and find himself while he leaves The Black Panther to watch over Hell’s Kitchen. Matt took a bus for a while, but after a while he gets off and just starts walking through the desert until he finds himself in some random middle of nowhere town. He wanders into what is probably the only cafe in town and is greeted by a nasty lady who appears to have no compassion for a blind man who can’t read a menu. After serving Matt, the waitress goes to a phone to call someone while Matt goes outside to talk with a blind kid (kind of a coincidence that the only kid around is also blind). It’s actually a nice scene, Matt takes a minute to teach the kid how to catch a coin just by listening for it.

Then Matt is confronted by a group of white trash goons who are trying to scare Murdock into high-tailing it out of town. Matt decides to stand his ground and take a beating until the local sheriff arrives and breaks up the fight. Instead of doing something about the gang the sheriff just sends them on their way and then reads Matt the riot act and decides to drop him off at the bus station to get rid of him. The cop then takes a picture of Matt and heads to the police station to use the picture to I.D. Matt. After the sheriff finds out who Matt is and that he’s been suspected to be Daredevil he decides to send his deputies out to put him down.

We then find Matt snooping around a construction site after smelling something. As Matt looks around we find out that the smell was coming from a mass grave in the construction site. We also see that one of the bodies has a sheriff’s badge on it. Then a police car shows up out of nowhere and tries to run Matt down, he easily evades the car and disappears out of sight. When the cops get out of the car they start searching for him, but can’t find him. The book ends with a couple of cops unaware as Daredevil is about to smash their faces in.

I thought this was kind of a slow week for comics, but this one was definitely a stand out book, and it was a lot better than reading about The Black Panther.  Even though the story of a hero traveling through a middle-of-nowhere town that ends up being the center of a conspiracy is something that’s been done a lot in the past, I still really enjoyed this book. It’s a good setting for Matt to get over all his recent troubles and get back to being Daredevil. I like Diggle’s storytelling and I’m looking forward to see where this story goes. I thought the art was pretty good too, I thought Davide Gianfelice’s backgrounds really showed what a desolate place this town is. I just hope Matt busts out the Daredevil suit out and starts kicking some ass soon.

Ken Zeider