Special Christmas Eve Message 2010

Published on December 24th, 2010

The ComicImpact staff would like to wish all of our readers, listeners to the podcasts, and all of you video watchers HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This year was the biggest year so far here at ComicImpact and we would like to take a few minutes to thank all of you. This year we added a few new staff members that have made an impact on the site. We also added a few new features that we’re very happy with, such as the New This Week videos and Cosplay Girl of the Year and we are doing a lot more videos.

Starting in 2011 there will be a video podcast show on iTunes so you can download any of “New this week” or “Comics on Film” videos and all the video interviews and more stuff to your iPhone or iPod. If you’re a fan of the weekly POW Podcast don’t fret because that will still be coming out every week. 2011 will be the year for you, the fans, as we try to make you part of the site and have a lot more fun. If you love this year you’re going to want to have our kids next year. As we have BIG plans that will impact you. So please have a safe and great Holiday Season and remember to tell your friends about ComicImpact and that crazy woman on the bus next to you. Special thanks to all the guests we had on this past year and make sure to stay tuned for a “Best of 2010” Podcast and an all new POW (Pick of the Week) podcast next week


Again,Thank you to everyone who downloads the podcast and subscribes, and tells their comic book stores and anyone who enjoys fun. We truly appreciate it, since we make this site for you guys and girls and all the comics fans of the world.