Review: Invaders Now #4

Published on December 15th, 2010

The Invaders! That title used to mean something! Why in my day The Invaders used to take out the Nazi trash, save a small town, and feed a village…..all before breakfast,walking backwards uphill in the snow! These certainly are not your Grand Pappys Invaders…well I mean with the exception of The new Union Jack they are exactly your Grand Pappys Invaders..ok so they are the same Invaders just well older. This book is a bit of a mixed bag of Invaders fun but why you may ask. Keep reading to find out about Invaders 4 of 5.

invadersnow4Ok so last time we left the Invaders Steve made a promise to an old man. He said he would put right what The Invaders failed to make right back in WW2. This issue is all about working toward that goal. I will admit that the some might not think The Invaders would work as a book today and I am here to tell you those people are WRONG! The best thing about this book is the fact that you do have this small group of people who have seen it all and keep on going to tell about it. This is a super group unlike any other out there in the Marvel Universe. This team essentially has been around since WW2  the very cornerstone of Marvel and even though they have all gone there separate ways at different points in their career they still feel like a fresh team learning.I love that Alex Ross and Christos Gage are so passionate about bringing this team forward. The very best thing they can do is write new material and allow each character to grow. Which they are. The only downside to this book is the art.I half expect Alex Ross to jump in and do something about that but alas that has yet to happen. Honestly this book is great to read and it certainly feels like it could be an ongoing but dear good the art work is hard to take.

Ok I have said my peace about the art now lets get to more about what is actually happening in this book. As I said earlier Steve made a promise to find a cure for all the people left in the town and sets out to do just that. He reaches out in the super hero community and gets help from Reed Richards, Hank McCoy, and a few of the other Marvel smarties. They of course explain that they are missing one element in order to make a proper cure and this element is a magical one. No fear though as they find it  and go to deliver the cure to the town just in time to face of against Shuma-Gorath!! Shuma – Gorath, or Bob as I like to call him is like a big green eye ball with tentacles….very H.P. Lovecraft like. and he shows up right at the very end as our Invaders lay helpless on the ground and Zola and the UberKommand are  in mid attack!How will it all end??! I guess we will have to wait until next month to read issue 5 of this small series. I do love that these are the original Invaders and I also can’t help but feel they just aren’t getting the art talent they deserve on this book which is ashamed!

Final Verdict:Sadly unless this is grandpa I would say skip this book.The story is great but the bad artwork might be the nail in the coffin…actually tell grandpa to skip it too . I don’t think his heart could take the disappointment.

Sheldon Lee