Review: Heroes For Hire # 1

Published on December 7th, 2010

Heroes for Hire was originally  a book started in the late 70’s with both Luke Cage and Danny “Iron Fist” Rand.These two would work ala a detective agency and use their powers for the good of the man on the street.Many things have changed since the late 70’s but one thing that stands true is the fact that knowledge costs and for some heroes that is all they need to be hired. Did this reboot of Heroes For Hire ante up with Thanos Imperative writers Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett writing and Brad Walker walking the smooth beat on the sheet (penciling)?Find out and keep reading my review of the new Heroes For Hire #1.

heroesforhire1I should start this review off right away by saying that while I have read a lot of recent Iron Fist and even Luke Cage I am not overly familiar with the old school 70’s Heroes For Hire. This may be a good thing as I had very little expectations going into this book and I have to say this book completely surprised the hell out of me! The whole concept seems a bit lame to me. If you are a Hero shouldn’t you be doing these things for the good of man with out want of payment? Isn’t that in fact what makes you a hero? Well in my opinion it is but your not here to get my definition of a hero your here to find out if this book is worth picking up and I can tell you yes yes it is! You see these heroes are still working for the betterment of man. The payments they are receiving are not monetary but information. To me knowing that right off that bat made this a better book. With such characters in this first issue ranging from Black Widow, Falcon,Moon Knight,Elektra,and Misty Knight things are sure to get more and more interesting.

The way this “team” seems to work is very interesting and akin to what was done for a while with the Bat family over in D.C. comics. You see Misty Knight sits in a room ala the Oracle and sends out drop packages to her Heroes (basically any one who she needs for the mission and has in tel on) they then hear orders from an anonymous source via a blue tooth head set and execute them for the in tel they want.Pretty simple really! Also pretty damn cool to read. It is as thought you have a team book with out actually having a team which is a VERY smart way to handle some of these characters who should have their own book any way.The writing in this book is very well paced and top notch!! Fresh off the work they did on Thanos Imperative both Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett just keep rocking this book!! I should also not forget to mention the very crisp artwork of Brad Walker which reminds me a lot of  Steve McNivens art style.

The first issue is pretty much a standard issue. It shows you the players and and what you can expect them to do for this series. the first set of Heroes stop a drug shipment  which then puts another Hero across town into action on the base of that drug dealer while yet another is dealing with the main boss of the whole operation. It almost had a Ocean’s 11 vibe going on which is fine by me! It did end with a bit of a tease a sort of WTF kind of moment but I am interested to seeing how that plays out in the next few issues.

Final Verdict: Heroes For Hire is like a superhero book infused with Espionage and Oceans 11!! Don’t miss out on this new series!

Sheldon Lee