Review: Green Hornet #11

Published on December 17th, 2010

The only reason I decided to pick up The Green Hornet when the series started was because it was written by Kevin Smith, he scripted the first ten issues and Jonathan Hester did the breakdowns and they were pretty good. I was pretty happy with the series and glad that I read it. With issue eleven Mr. Smith has left the series and  Phil Hester has taken complete control. I almost didn’t pick up this new issue, but for whatever reason I did, and I gotta say I’m actually glad I did.

green-hornet-11The issue starts with with a gang member giving confession, it’s the usual stuff: murder, robbery, and using the lord’s name in vein. After all is said and done the priest says to the guy to give a couple of Hail Mary’s for his sins, and also the guy now has to give the church twenty percent which ends up being around thirty grand. Little odd for a priest to take a cut from dealing drugs and robbery, right?

So then we move on to The Green Hornet who’s decided not to rebuild his mansion that was destroyed and instead put in a new park with a giant statue of his dead father. The Green Hornet then goes after a guy he busted cooking meth several weeks before because the guy is doing it again. The Hornet puts out his super tough guy act on the meth dealer, but he’s literally been branded by another gang called the Los Hijos De La Muerte. Then while the Hornet is pumping the guy for information he’s shot in the back by a nearby sniper. Kato jumps into action and corners the shooter on the roof, but the guy gives a brief prayer to the Saint of Death and jumps off the roof. Instead of dying he catches some clothing lines to slo0w his fall and ends up in a pile of trash. A painful fall, but the guy was still able to run off as Kato watches in shock. Fortunately Green Hornet’s jacket is made of kevlar and he’s able to meet up with Kato to regroup.

Green Hornet and Kato decide to set up a trap to lure this new gang out and decide to check in with Kato’s father. When they meet up with him he tells the crime fighting duo that he’s heading to Japan with Clutch to make sure there’s no retaliation from the Juuma family after what happened in the first storyline. So The Green Hornet and Kato are on their own when they send out a truck that should be an easy mark for the Los Hijos to rob, but when they show up they find out the truck is empty except for The Black Beauty that bursts out the trailer and hits the gang with a giant taser to put ’em down. But as The Hornet is giving his speech about Century City belonging to him he gets knocked down by the biggest member the gang has to offer.The two fight on the bridge until the The Hornet has the guy cornered on the ledge, but instead of giving up the guy grabs Green Hornet and pulls him over the bridge with him.

I really didn’t think this book was going to be any good with Smith completely off it now, but I really like where this book is going. Now that The Green Hornet has taken down the guy that killed his father he really has to establish himself and get rid of all the other gangs and crime lords. I also like how the Los Hijos De La Muerte are affiliated with a Church, I think it’s actually a cool concept to have a Church that runs a gang and keeps them going by absolving them of their sins and takes a cut of the profits. And also the whole thing with the original Kato heading off to Japan to face the Juuma family is cool because you know that’s going to lead into another story. I think it’s cool that Hester is setting up some more story lines for the future. I just hope that the book sticks around long enough for them to happen. Jonathan Lau’s art is consistently good and works great for the book. For anyone that was thinking of dropping this book, I recommend you don’t because it’s still good and I think it’s going to get better.

Ken Zeider